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An impressive podcast by the suspicious entity known as Richard Grove. Lots of clips that are very interesting at the beginning. While Richard never questions the nexus points of the web of deceit woven by the nutwork (the total media deceptions of and ), he does bring up some fascinating stories of the power structures that may have something to do with the mechanics. The first few hours are very interesting for sure.

Many thoughts come to mind while listening through. Were the Nazis, or those that took control (or even started) the National Socialist Party, modeled after the secret societies of and/or Freemasons? Is simply a code word for Jesuitism, occultism or whatever the nutwork decides to.call itself?

More notes as I keep listening.

Peace Revolution episode 083: America and the Great Game / A Strategy of Tension

* Duration 14:22h, Published 5/11/14 11:17:37 AM

* Episode Download Link (593 MB): peacerevolution.podOmatic.com/…

* Show Notes: peacerevolution.podomatic.com

* Podcast Feed: The Peace Revolution Podcast (peacerevolution.podomatic.com/…)

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5 thoughts on “What a game it is

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  2. Blue Moon

    I’m convinced everything about Hitler is complete fiction*:
    Hitler is an intelligence alias- He’s really Schickelgruber, if he’s anyone at all-
    He’s written in as a corporal to make him seem like a half step above a regular grunt but not a non commissioned officer who the regular grunts would abhor-
    He’s made a messenger to account for the absence of wounds but the story supposedly puts him in the trenches where the fighting is the worst, thus a brave, patriotic, if unsung hero-
    He’s supposedly “gassed” (lame foreshadowing) and recuperates, temporarily blind and feverish- It is here the writers place the “special revelation” all fictional demigods have when they “see” (while blind) their destiny unfold- (St. Paul is an example, Joseph Smith is another- A trope applied where the gullible will be impressed)
    The mystical revelation is a resume enhancer, mandatory in the occult circles of German high society- It also appeals to the horoscope reading old ladies and closeted gays in the jack booted SA and other Freikorps- It’s intimidating to mystically minded morons whatever their political stripe-
    He’s back-storied as an artist to give him cred when he makes pronouncements on art and the cultural censorship is looked upon as proper taste and principles being returned to their rightful place, deposing in turn the decadent modernism of “Jewish” art-
    He allegedly takes part in the “beer hall putsch” which lands him in jail- His trial is really a debutant ball, kicking off this character’s political career- Here they insert “Mein Kamph”, as told to Rudolph Hess- All demigods need scripture and in the original German the book panders to that Teutonic/Prussian fetish for order overcoming messy imagination (Triumph of the Will, etc.) with the pungent aroma of the forces of the dark forest that grip the collective emotions of the German people emanating from every page- Could be a Tavistock special-
    An actor(s) tours, giving stump speeches, dialing down the anti-Semitism in Jewish areas, ratcheting it up elsewhere- Substitutes for “Jews” include “alien born”, “foreign stooges”, “lesser menschen”-
    Elections indicate the Nazis have support- Elections are rubber bones then as now- The actor is installed as chancellor in 1933 (of course) The Olympic Games in ’36 elevate “Hitler” to the pinnacle of world wide popularity-
    Then it’s time to demonize Der Fuhrer- In essence the project has him revealed as something like a flesh eating ghoul- The dark, expressionist images of the camps and the rubble of once great cities are laid at the feet of Hitler the demiurge- His performances in newsreels are shown in the west to get people focused on the scam of war, while the land clearing and massive theft that is the war goes on unquestioned- This beast and his blood thirsty minions must be stopped, whatever the cost- Look how loud, manic and wild eyed he is on stage!
    The war concluded, the actor(s) role ends- The character is given a soldier’s death, a gunshot to the mouth (plus cyanide for some reason- likely to back up the fiction of the Goebbels family all taking the poison-) Eva Braun, who no one had ever heard of until after the war, is inserted post-mortem to dampen the homosexual elements of this British/German stage production about a poor Austrian who rises to such power that he becomes responsible for the world being completely soaked in blood (While the real perps land all the spoils as victors over ultimate evil)-
    Tavistock returns with Hugh Trevor-Roper’s fictional account of the bunker suicides and the sheep have been grazing on this grand opera through state controlled education/media ever since-
    * I’ve culled this alternate narrative from many sources over many years- I don’t usually include citations because this is only and always speculative- But within the premise of media fakery, this would be one plausible version of events I could live with given everything I’ve read and heard and seen regarding this character known as Adolph Hitler-

  3. Carole Thomas

    I’m quite enjoying some of these podcast too, particularly the one before – The. British Elephant in the American Living Room. But is the Richard Grove you linked to really the same one that is doing these podcasts? Richard Hugh Grove is a Cambridge professor who has written a book called Green Imperialism. Seems the Richard Grove on the podcast is a younger guy without a Cambridge accent and more in the Larouche camp and with a dodgy 9/11 story. Still, I find the podcasts intelligent and informative, but see them as just a stimulus for further investigation( they rarely address the real Elephant in the Room, namely media fakery)

    1. ab Post author

      I didn’t know there were two Dicks. This is the younger one who claims he knew someone / worked in the twin towers. Media fakery and complicity is always the elephant in the room.

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