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Hoi and Ab discuss Hoi’s research into the

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC)



Who Funds the National September 11 Memorial?

Postby hoi.polloi on May 25th, 2014, 1:43 pm

More in-our-face proofs that the typical and expected Rockefellers and banking institutions that fund the news (a.k.a. propaganda), fund war campaigns and fund the rebuilding afterwards — are behind the latest destruction of the Manhattan block and the reconstruction (of the memorial and the planned financial skyscraper meant to scrape more funds from the public and into the coffers of the rich). From: www.renewnyc.com/AboutUs/board…

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3 thoughts on “ep109-Hoi Polloi on the LMDC

  1. Carole Thomas

    Love the sober way you two treat the perps- not as arch villains with super powers at the apex of a creepy pyramid but as the cowardly pen pushers they truly are, going through the motions in some office over there somewhere down the corridor 🙂
    Great show and keep ’em coming!

    1. Hoi Polloi

      Thank you, Carole. I appreciate your contributions to this site.

      It’s like the perps’ve always been around, inheriting the system from the previous perps, generation after generation; I am sure some people stuck in it see it as a pretty cynical exercise in just keeping their family going in the system. Maybe they’ve never tried anything else with their time! They don’t know they can expose it all and people will just be thankful and help integrate them in normal non-psychotic society!

    2. smj

      cowardly pen pushers indeed. here’s a video you might enjoy, carole (note the logo on their unis).


      a little background on the fruitcakes above.



      this nosair character was involved in the 93 bombing with the blind sheik and other miscellaneous bullshit.. he was tried in the southern district of ny., the “mother court” (where the likes of guiliani, mukasey, and feinberg all started out together). here’s a sample from wiki of the type of shenanigans going on in the southern district of ny–

      “During legal proceedings, Nosair largely ignored the court and focused on multiple sketches he made of Princess Diana.[3] In a split verdict described by Jeffrey B. Abramson as “bizarre”,[5] a jury in December 1991 acquitted Nosair of the murder but convicted him of assault and possession of an illegal firearm. He was also convicted of related charges, including shooting a U.S. Postal Inspection Service agent. He was defended by William Kunstler (along with two co-counsels), who at first advised him to plead insanity.[6] When Nosair refused, the defense argued that there had been a conspiracy against Nosair and Kahane might have been killed by one of his followers.[6] Kunstler saw the composition of the jury (which he described as being made up of “third-world people” and “people who were not yuppies or establishment types”) as crucial to the verdict.[6] The judge in the trial, Justice Alvin Schlesinger, said that the jury’s acquittal of Nosair on the murder charge “was against the overwhelming weight of evidence and was devoid of common sense and logic”. The judge added that “I believe the defendant conducted a rape of this country, of our Constitution and of our laws, and of people seeking to exist peacefully together.” He sentenced Nosair to 71?3 to 22 years in prison, the maximally allowed term.[7] Kunstler also saw the split verdict as irrational, promising to appeal Nosair’s convictions.[6]”

      rumor has it that kahane was the first victim of the “then-nascent” al qaeda network — wiki.

      i also found some candy relating to another charlatan from the doj in manhattan. apparently our friend jim kallstrom had a dear friend who perished in twa 800. she was a flight attendant and was married to his good vietnam buddy and colleague in the bureau, charles chrisopher.



      “The way I see it, I am marching off to war.” — agent christopher

      pencil pushing cowards indeed.


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