Nuke Hoax and 9/11

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Simon ties my two favorite /hoaxes together. This is a topic very worthy of a discussion.

As it is, the event (what with its now heavily-promoted and proliferating 0;nuke-demolition” theories) provided a golden opportunity for the NNSA to reassert – in the eyes of the public – the ‘crucial importance’ of their (alleged) endeavors. And this, dear readers, is what I’m getting at : it is crucial for us all to understand precisely WHY the 9/11 controlled-opposition-crowd now keeps screaming that “Nukes did it!” – i.e, that the WTC COMPLEX was blown to bits by nuclear weapons (more likely, it was just pulled down behind a smokescreen with conventional demolition explosives. No bystanders in NYC were able to witness just how it fell).

To be sure, the word “Ground Zero” was coined / pronounced on TV on the very day of 9/11, remember? It was all part of the plan : the idea that the towers were “nuked” was an integral part of the 9/11 script and, right on cue, we now have “top investigators” such as Jim Fetzer, Gordon Duff and Dimitri Khalezov claiming that – “beyond any shadow of doubt” – the WTC complex was nuked… Unsurprisingly then, the utterly absurd digital-animation-imagery produced to depict the was conceived to look like some sort of -shaped, “nuclear” explosion:

Here’s the bottom line: the Nutwork (which comprises the US military and the top clowns ‘ruling’ this planet) probably consider their ol’ NUKE HOAX the most effective and successful of all of their various mass- schemes aired on TV – to fool the common man. Their people-surveys /statistics probably tell them that MOST people of this planet fully and uncritically buy into their big NUKE HOAX – what with the purported multinational nuke tests (by the US, France, China, UK, etc), and last but not least, into the tall tales of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Therefore, they will NEVER let go of their cherished and most effective NUKE HOAX. Seeing that their more recent (and sloppier) is gradually being questioned / and rejected by the masses, they are now concentrating at keeping their old NUKE HOAX (aired on TV in the late ’50’s – JUST as TV came into our living rooms) alive-and-kicking in the public’s consciousness. To this day, only a minuscule part of this world’s population has questioned the reality of the A-bomb or H-bomb narratives. Yet, it is a 70-year-old hoax.

So all this is to say : NEVER underestimate the importance of the NUKE HOAX in the mind of the nutty folks the Nutwork.

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