Gapped on Utøya Island

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Just when you thought Norway had enough fjords, now the Satan worshippers want to build their own.

I wonder where the gift shop will go.

Swedish artist  Jonas Dahlberg has designed 2 memorials in commemoration of the 77 people who lost their lives on 22nd July 2011 as a result of the Oslo bombings and mass shootings at a summer camp off the coast of Norway.…


5 thoughts on “Gapped on Utøya Island

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  2. simonshack

    Dear UNreal,

    Exactly: we have all been brainwashed in some way or another at an early age by a bunch of “smart and foxy” – yet pathologically arrogant, mindless social misfits who revel in the ‘sport’ of taking the piss out of Joe Public. Joe isn’t without his flaws either, as he mindlessly keeps returning to the voting booth to re-elect one or the other of the aforementioned bunch of social misfits.

    The hellish Utøya saga, the hollow Holocaust and the Hollywool NASA tales are similar – in that their over.the-top-absurd-&-fanciful narratives forces Joe Public to ultimately give up his natural defense-mechanism against … well… plain bullshit. Yes, it has to do with that proverbial physical law of the BIG LIE – the buoyancy of which some folks will attribute to either Hitler, Einstein or Newton (but it matters little right now) . The point being: the bigger the lie, the better it floats on top of the masses’ intellectual quagmire.

    Seriously now, this is a pretty serious matter – an insidious form of psychological programming that we all need to do something about – unless we’re happy to leave our kids drowning in a flood of silly, slimy lies. I mean, if you have a massive water leak in your house, would it be wise to just stand by and watch it submerge your living room? Would you not call a plumber – or hey – even 911?

  3. UNreal

    As we see from JFK, 9/11 or Utøya, one of the stages of a PsyOp is the reinforcement through various means such as museums, films, monuments, etc.
    Maybe a psyop works best by this reinforcement technique as this will often happen at a young age and in a controlled environment with an expert/teacher/parent close at hand.

    in episode 110 As Simon mentionned that an Italian “astronut” was brainwashing children directly in the Maire’s office. i have also been subject to such brainwashing in public school by direct exposure/interaction with a “holocaust victim”…. she told us horrible things, made us cry and feel very guilty & ashamed.
    i was about 9-11 years old,,,

    i am unaware of the agelimit to set on such psyop breast-feeding, but imo this causes major damage as we have to work really hard to crush false beliefs made at such an early age.

    i feel pity for children and yougsters seing horror in their minds eye at a far to early age by visiting the future Utøya Museum..
    that is kind of reminiscent of the Holocaust musems built after the WW2,,,

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