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I apologise if I sound shill like – but I want everyone who’s a fan of Simon’s work to listen to his soundtrack posted in the above link. When you have no images other than those formed in your mind while listening to the lyrics and the drops from the movie, you’ll hear and visualize aspects of 9/11 that you may not have in the past. I have listened many times with headphones and am moved every time as I think of the and the words used by the 0;news” media.

Plus you’ll be supporting a good cause.


I encourage Simon to post some of the other tracks he’s created and used in some of his other videos, including his Strange.

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3 thoughts on “Listen to the music for clues

  1. simonshack

    Thanks Ab – and Delcroix – for ‘sounding like ads’ for my music… That ‘sound’ is, of course, music to my ears !

    To anyone who might purchase via Paypal my SC soundtrack on this mp3 download page,…
    – I just wish to notify that there have been occasions in the past where some customers have experienced problems / glitches with the download process. If you should run into such problems, please just contact me at simonshack(at) – and I will promptly send you the soundtrack via jumbo e-mail (in high-quality mp3 format).

    And yes, I have two other albums by my band (The Social Service) yet to be released / made available for download. I’ve been refining / re-mastering them lately and, as soon as they’ll be up – I’ll announce it over at Cluesforum.

    Again thanks for the ‘ad’, Ab – much appreciated ! :O)

  2. delcroix

    At the risk of sounding like an advert too ab
    I have to say I bought Simon’s Sept clues soundtrack when I discovered
    it was available a couple of months before Christmas and have been listening ever since .
    Everyone should have a copy for sure .
    Fair play to Simon and the social service
    Also “Strange” is an excellent track …. i put it at the end of the clues disc , when i burned it : – )

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