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There were no planes on 9/11

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Pretty good audio from Jeffrey Grupp of Antimatter radio.

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Speaking of fantasies

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Another unbelievable lottery tale. At least lotteries are optional, unlike so many other state sponsored scams (like hydro in Ontario).

“We just wanted to see the reality. And the reality is right here now,” she said, fighting back tears.

via Brampton couple reunited with $50M lottery ticket lost at church | Toronto Star.

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Rocky 11

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Hollywool releases movies, authors release books, NASA releases new planets — all based on fantasy.

A rocky planet weighing 17 times as much as Earth has been found, surprising astronomers who expected it to be a big ball of gas.

Scientists dubbed the planet a “mega-Earth” because its much larger than previously discovered rocky celestial bodies. The planet, sighted by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, is located 560 light years from Earth and circles a Sun-like star every 45 days, The finding was reported Monday at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston.

Scientists have theorized that a planet that big, formed when heavy elements were scarce in the early days of the universe, couldn’t have formed as a solid. They expected to find that the planet, called Kepler-10c, was a gas giant like Jupiter, made up primarily of hydrogen. Instead, when they measured its density with special instruments, they found it weighed more than Earth.

“Finding Kepler-10c tells us that rocky planets could form much earlier than we thought,” said Dimitar Sasselov, director of the Origins of Life Initiative at Harvard University, in a statement. “And if you can make rocks, you can make life.”

The new planet is in a system about 11 billion years old, forming less than 3 billion years after the Big Bang, according to the report Monday. The Earth is about 4.54 billion years old.

via Astronomers discover rocky planet dubbed ‘mega-Earth’ | Toronto Star.

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