David Cole a/k/a David Stein, enigma

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I listened to this audio with great interest. The fact (that we are told to believe) that David Cole is a jew somehow lends special meaning or significance to his research. The goal (if not genuine) is to make it more believable. It’s imperative that we don’t take any promoted researcher too seriously too quickly. It’s for his reason I always listen for even the slightest clue for and coded language.

The one instance that made me suspicious (and there aren’t too many) is that David mentions he paid off the ADL (a deception front organization portrayed as jewish) $00 to get them off his back. He claims this was all the money he had to cover a $5000? bounty (a fatwa?) the ADL placed on his head. Just this odd bounty and the occult number had me wondering.

Another interesting point is how the war propagandists may have fabricated the 6 million number. With the raising of the (magician’s) Iron Curtain, divided families on both sides were told that their other half were exterminated, and not to bother checking (how could they anyway?) This could account for some on the ground “real” stories.

El Gran Tabu video vimeo.com/92096413

Another interesting point is that he said you can’t ‘t defend yourself in Germany (and 17 other Euro countries?) from any revisionist charge. You can either denounce yourself for your thoughts or plead for a lesser sentence, but you cannot provide proof for what you say or write.

For now, I remain cautious with this entity. As we know, so much of what we are told and who tells us must be critically reviewed. This is a multidimensional puzzle that cannot be taken at face value!

His website: www.countercontempt.com/ or biginfidel.com

researcher undercoverin Hollywood (w/ Josh Blakeney)

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2 thoughts on “David Cole a/k/a David Stein, enigma

  1. Tom Dalpra

    There was something British Holocaust revisionist David Irving said that I’ve pondered for some time. When Irving, just a respected historian at that point, first began speaking honestly about his findings on Hitler, he was ushered to one side. ” We have a slight problem here Mr Irving, but all will be fine if you can answer ‘Yes’ to the following question: Are you Jewish?”

    Irving had to answer ‘no’ and the rest of his working life was a real struggle.

    What if he’d answered ‘Yes’ ? Would he have been given more rein with the same message – ”The gas chambers are bullshit and Hitler didn’t have an extermination policy” ?

    I’ve wondered about this idea.

    This is what Simon Shack thinks about David Cole. This from the Holocaust thread on Cluesforum. —

    ”… It should be pretty clear by now that the nerdy kid was just yet another Hollywood creation ever since day one – and a most pathetic one at that.”


    Pretty emphatic.

    It’s actually just about where the Holocaust thread on Clues grinds to a halt. Hoi says he still finds some of David Cole’s points strong but suggests serious gate-keeping must be going on.

    I think that’s essentially where I am on Cole. Those old films? They have enough clearly put information to seriously question the Holocaust.
    But. he’s a gate-keeper, surely? An agent? If holocaust revisionism caught on as a movement, he’d be there. The Republican Party’s Holocaust man. The Jew. You could walk that righteous revolution all the way to the bank.

    I don’t think it’ll happen in a hurry. Maybe back in the 1980’s they were a little more concerned it may come out. There were still plenty of people, still alive, who had lived through those years as an adult and who were still young enough to do something about it. Maybe in the eighties they thought it best to have an agent to help steer the alternative.

    Like with Jesus, if he’s a Jew, it helps the story work, maybe? Or something…Get a good looking kid….
    He’s a good talker and he’s allowed to speak the truth. It’s convincing – au naturel.

    I found fakeologist members, El Buggo and aralsea on the comments of the recent Fetzer podcast with Cole just the other day. I post an excerpt as a contemporary snapshot,
    There’s a difference of opinion on the thread and perhaps it encapsulates the difference of opinion that still seems to stand on Cole, within friendly circles.
    For me, it’s simply this. Yes, he has some interesting things worth listening to on the holocaust and no, he can’t be trusted.

    ”El Buggo June 2, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    If someone don’t know who this David Cole is (really?), I can highly recommend his video on Auschwitz prison camp as the by far best introduction to the LOLohoax (60 min): www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQjNs-…

    For the rest of the real story, The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes should explain most of the crucial points: archive.org/details/TheGasCham…

    Nick Dean June 2, 2014 at 11:19 AM

    Untrustworthy. Gave up on peace and truth and started putting out conventional LOLocaust propaganda mis-education videos for schools and propping up the Republican party during its Wars for Israel golden years.

    Then walked straight into a book deal with a major publisher. How fortunate.

    Why not promote serious dissidents like Germar Rudolf instead, JB?”


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