Moncton Event – Rambo, eh?

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Canada has its own shooting media event, blasting coast to coast. This thread will serve as a one-stop--analysis place for all those that dare question it. There’s already one video out.

If nothing else, these serve a 0;where in the world is Carmen San Diego” geography look up lesson.

At time of writing, police and soldiers have surrounded a wooded area in Moncton, New Brunswick. They believe that is where Justin Bourque, 24, has taken refuge, after a shooting rampage on Wednesday evening that left three RCMP officers dead and two others with non-life-threatening injuries. In the hours since he allegedly began this rampage, a portrait of Bourque has begun to emerge. In many ways, it’s an all-too-familiar portrait. And it’s a chilling one. Bourque has been giving warning signs for some time that something like this may have been coming. Did anyone speak out?

via Matt Gurney: Alleged Moncton shooter was raising huge red flags. Did anyone report them? | National Post.

Some B grade “cellphone” footage:

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9 thoughts on “Moncton Event – Rambo, eh?

  1. JohnnyClues

    “Photographer witnesses shooting: ‘It was unbelievably quiet'”

    i’m sure this guy is possibly a photographer, but is this clip on of those “hey!….this is a
    photographer! can’t you tell? he proved it with the camera on his shoulder? what else could you
    need for proof, he has a camera, hence he is a photographer, be(lie)ve us?” moments.

    @31 seconds “…Well, The UNREAL thing was how quiet it was…”

    @43 seconds “…and then i saw the blood…” (what blood? no pics of that to show though? Am I supposed
    to just take your “word” for it because you have a camera strapped to your arm? Don’t think so Mister!)

    @58 seconds “…I was dealing with it… a photographer…” (???)

    @1:05 “…when i saw the blood in the second vehicle…” ( Again, where is that pic Monsieur St.Louis?)

    @1:13 “…It was right outta a movie man….” ( Yea …I’ve heard this before)

    @1:15 “…it does have a SURREAL quality….”

    @1:24 ” I just felt like I was walked out of a…literaly out of crime scene and uh and uh, that you see on TV….”…

  2. JohnnyClues

    A Few Observations Of This Clip

    This whole scene reminds me of the Sandy Hook Days, for some reason, some of these people just do not
    seem very credible to me, lot of smile and in my opinion, more bad acting. The only thing for myself
    in this clip is the words “Action!” and “Cut…That’s a Wrap!”

    For myself this is edited so badly i see through it. The beginning of this vid, when the only
    “so called greiver” is iffy at best, we see her later in the clip, beside mr.cop, same woman is
    present in this shot with the “griever”

    @:21 seconds – “…i guess no one is ever safe anymore where you live….” (sounds like your spreading fearporn to me).

    @51 seconds – Perhaps only a coinkidink, but funny how the superman t-shirt appears.

    @1:02 – “Good Job – Well Done”

    @1:35 – Now, for myself, as i watched this girl on the bike, with the black shirt and glasses, i see someone
    who is trying to act but fails, she(to me) seems to be trying to hard, the glance at the camera, once her job is
    complete is interesting to me.

    @1:51 – For Myself, this scene looks staged, all lined up single file, to give thanks, and shake a hand.

    #2:05 – The perma-smile Cop seems a little too thrilled considering, and the female cop just isn’t very
    be(LIE)vable through my eyes.

    Just My Opinions

    “Video: Moncton community mourns and bonds after shooting tragedy”…

  3. JohnnyClues

    “Moncton Rambo” Allegedly Being Arrested

    Quite Funny How in this clip, we are meant to be(LIE)ve that this is who they state it is by
    the propagandists, quite telling(for myself) this was totally done on purpose, this could be
    any “actor”, pretty hard to make out a face, let alone if a man or female,done on purpose,
    they also make sure to have that bright light shining towards the camera, and then that cop car
    that comes into view at the exact right time, to help even further obscure who it is being put
    into the police cruiser, then another cop walks in to block our view even more…saldy this is
    what we get from the propagandists and we are meant to take their word for it???
    JohnnyClues Certainly Is Not!

  4. JohnnyClues

    “Moncton Rambo “alleged” witness account”

    Now this “story” is supposed to be quite traumatic, this young kid has the hardest time keeping a straight face
    in this interview, i’ve watch another vid with these same people and this kid is all smiles again.

    Also this little girl on the right side,imo, is told to have her hands up to her face like this, but soon before the
    camera pans away, you see her true demeanor, happy as a clam.

    It’s the fist vid on the screen called “witnesses describe shooting scene in Moncton”

    Johnny is not buying into this at all. just my opinion.…

  5. Johan Backes

    Fav bit is “OMG call 911!” at the end.

    Always stuff it in there, why would calling the cops when the cops are there be of any use ?


  6. CalcifiedLies

    I have only taken a cursory look at this but I’ll get this party started with some early observations based on this daily mail article…

    (1) Quote: She said “He always seemed to have a problem with authority. Issues with parents, bosses, police…” Isaac explained that Bourque was fired from Walmart for his ‘attitude’ and being ‘defiant’. But she said he seemed ‘friendly enough’. Little bit of an outcast, but not to this extent”.

    He was fired for “attitude related issues, being defiant, not doing what he was supposed to be doing — problem with authority.”…

    “Campbell describes Bourque as a friendly kid, who was brought up in a religious Christian household and was homeschooled his entire life.”

    “They drifted apart after Bourque’s parents decided that Campbell was “too competitive at sports” like street hockey and they didn’t want Justin hanging around him.But after Campbell’s father died recently, they became reacquainted. Campbell was hanging out in his garage with a few friends a few weeks ago when Bourque stopped by to offer his condolences.”

    Naturally all the witnesses in these theatre productions just recently had the actor come back into their lives, but knew them in the past, from which they offer their expert testimony: “Bourque had recently quit his job at a grocery store, Campbell says, and was living in a trailer park. Campbell doesn’t know how to explain Bourque’s killing spree. I believe he just didn’t know what to do. He was my best friend my whole life. He would be the last person I would think would do this.

    This underscores a not so subtle shift in the narrative. It’s not just right-wing radical domestic terrorists anymore (though naturally this category is filtering through Bourque’s made up backstory regarding his ‘love of guns’, as it always does in these psyops). No, now we should also be very concerned about people in our communities who seem completely normal – so remember to “see something, say something”!

    Connecting this to the Isla Vista staged theatre production, they provide the same narrative for Rodgers character: “That night, just weeks before the killings in Isla Vista, California, a half dozen officers responded to the call and asked Rodger about disturbing videos he had posted online. Police described Rodger as shy, timid and polite, and following the 10 minute meeting, did not consider him a threat to himself or others.”…

    ‘When you looked at him [Rodgers], there was no reason to get concerned. He didn’t seem like a threatening or intimidating guy. He was just very quiet,’ Pollard said.…

    On his facebook page Bourque wrote the following lyrics from Megadeath song “hook in my mouth” – hook, line and sinker?

    ‘A cockroach in the concrete, courthouse tan and beady eyes.
    A slouch with fallen arches, purging truths into great lies.
    A little man with a big eraser, changing history
    Procedures that he’s programmed to, all he hears and sees.
    Altering the facts and figures, events and every issue.
    Make a person disappear, and no one will ever miss you.
    Rewrites every story, every poem that ever was.
    Eliminates incompetence, and those who break the laws.
    Follow the instructions of the New Ways’ Evil Book of Rules.
    Replacing rights with wrongs, the files and records in the schools.
    You say you’ve got the answers, well who asked you anyway?
    Ever think maybe it was meant to be this way?
    Don’t try to fool us, we know the worst is yet to come.
    I believe my kingdom will come.’

    What is really weird here is the chorus to this song:

    F, is for fighting, R is for red
    Ancestors’ blood in battles they’ve shed
    E, we elect them, E, we eject them
    In the land of the free and the home of the brave
    D, for your dying, O, your overture
    M, will cover your grave with manure
    This spells out FREEDOM, it means nothing to me
    As long as there’s P.M.R.C

    Apparently PMRC was a reference to the Parents Musice Resource Center which attempted to censor Megadeath, but I find it beyond strange that this can be rearranged to RCPM police.

    (2) Echoing the alchemy of the Boston Marathon theatre production, there is now a city on lockdown and essentially in a state of martial law.

    (3) Just something I thought was weird in a hilarious way, from the first daily mail artricle:

    Gruesome: Twitter user Matt Arsenault/Laundromatt took these grisly images showing the scene of a shootout between police and a suspect that resulted in the reported deaths of three officers.

    Arsenal/Laundromat? WTF?

    1. ab Post author

      Great analysis so far Calcified. We have more than our share of hoaxes on our psyop plate this week. I personally don’t dig into the details of these events, but I know some others enjoy doing so. If we get enough analysis up early, we may attract googlers who can then read the rest of our body of work if they’re wise enough to surf past this post.

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