“Time Shift A Shadow Over Europe”

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I don’t know what part is true and what part is not, but at least we have the appearance of two sides of the Czeck – German story here.

One side of my family tree has roots in this area.

It’s clear to me that murder and mayhem did occur during WW2.  It almost gives licence for evil people to carry out evil deeds. Many take the opportunity to kill anyone they don’t like.

This fact is the essence of why people don’t bother with the finer points of the .  Most people agree that minorities were rounded up all over the place and killed. Revisionists appear to be arguing about the and details of the killings, which to most people is a fruitless and thankless endeavour.

Therefore revisionists attract more scorn than praise. What could be more distasteful and unappreciated than researching body counts and death methods?

This doc is interesting to watch. It’s another story of ethnic cleansing. As usual, it’s the civilians that get it the worst during war. Civilian relocation, coupled with rubbleization and rebuild appear to be the point of war.

Time Shift A Shadow Over Europe: youtu.be/ieS2bOQFBCA

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3 thoughts on ““Time Shift A Shadow Over Europe”

  1. khammad

    My take on “Time shift a shadow over Europe”:

    This piece from the BBC is meant to say “Look, people, many groups in Europe were killed for no good reason, just like the Jews. You can believe that Jewish groups were killed because other groups are documented to have been killed as well.”

    The subtext is: “And we all know that Jews were the most hated group in Europe, so it makes sense that more of them were killed during WW2 than any other group.”

  2. khammad

    I know you are trying to make a point here, Ab, but the BBC?

    How can you trust anything they produce? How can you know what parts are true?

    With all the copyright infringement going on, why is the youtube channel Pastcontrolsfuture still allowed to operate with the clear violation of playing copyrighted BBC video?

    Because this is clearly propoganda and it is ALLOWED to be freely spread.

    Same with the Discovery Channel with all those conspiracy videos, science videos, alien videos, etc.

    People can copy those videos and repost them on their sites, even in a dozen segments, yet they are still allowed to keep the channel open. Why?

    Because that propoganda is some pretty powerful stuff, and it was meant to be disseminated.

    My husband and I havel had YouTube videos locked because of some tiny part of a song that sang on the background. Just recently, we recieved 2 notices of copyright infringement from our cable company for 2 songs found in a torrent of dozens (they caught it because he was seeding it back). The song is 10 years old.

    For me, knowing that a video was produced for propoganda immediately nullifies it as ‘knowledge’. The sophistication of these videos are layers deep meant to muddle our thinking.

    Warning, here thar be dragons, yar!

    1. ab Post author

      I have to agree with you. In this apparently balanced piece, what’s your take on it? Are they just trying to tell us that everyone has the ability to commit evil?

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