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Magic trick

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A good comment found on a referrer site. Unreal and I will discuss his similar comment soon.

Please consider this carefully:

“Everything you saw – everything that was broadcast to you – you were INTENDED to see”.

You would benefit by studying “Magic” and “Illusionism”. Study the principles. Study how various illusions are constructed.

In addition to the Magicians principle of “Combining at least 2 tricks” to fool the mind – there is another important one.

“Nothing is more convincing than the lie you tell yourself.”

How does this work? The Magician or Illusionist wants you to rationalizing internally. This is an intentional pre-planned part of the Denial and Deception operation and “Magic Trick” that was 911.


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Dustban 16

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With guests Videre and Jan Erik

Topics: Tourism, Propaganda, Psyops, NASA, The Mandela Effect, Dinosaurs, War.


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