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Two past guests Alan^2

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I listened to these two past guests of mine, Alan Park and Allan Weisbecker, looking for a few nuggets or tips I may have missed.

Sadly, very little was said of substance. I present this audio as a contrast of what I’m trying to do, which is to expose media fakery one psyop at a time.

If I stop asking the right questions, please let me know. By skirting around the real issues, we learn nothing and come away empty.

Is that the point of “mainstream” conspiracy radio? Alan Park, will you address the 9/11 deception for real on your Sirius show or will you keep dancing around what we think is the truth?

Come back on any time and let us know. I’ve been listening and was hoping to hear some fakery talk as Sims are dying all around us every day.

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View topic - 9-11 MEMORIAL SCAMS, VICSIMS, Etc • Cluesforum.info 2014-06-09 05-30-18Simon busts the 9/11 vicsim imagery. The computer is a wonderful tool for comparing large quantities of information and establishing patterns, just as it is a great tool for duplicating tasks (like creating vicsims). Let’s use the sword to our advantage!

I’ve been taking a fresh new look into the Official 9/11 “victim Memorials”. It’s quite fascinating stuff. And fun too! Yes, we really have to take this whole “9/11 truth search” with a healthy dose of humor. After all, the folks behind all this circus are nothing but clowns! So this morning I asked myself: WHY do so many pairs of alleged 9/11 victims with same – or very similar – names and surnames look very similar – almost as if they were twins? Similar names? Similar faces? Is it all just a matter of coincidence? Hmm. Well let’s have a look at a few. Please keep in mind that the portraits of alleged “9/11 victims” as featured in official memorials that I’m comparing here were selected for comparison – on the basis of their names and surnames:

via View topic – 9/11 MEMORIAL SCAMS, VICSIMS, Etc • Cluesforum.info.

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