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View topic - 9-11 MEMORIAL SCAMS, VICSIMS, Etc • 2014-06-09 05-30-18Simon busts the vicsim imagery. The computer is a wonderful tool for comparing large quantities of information and establishing patterns, just as it is a great tool for duplicating tasks (like creating vicsims). Let’s use the sword to our advantage!

I’ve been taking a fresh new look into the Official 9/11 0;victim Memorials”. It’s quite fascinating stuff. And fun too! Yes, we really have to take this whole “ truth search1; with a healthy dose of humor. After all, the folks behind all this circus are nothing but clowns! So this morning I asked myself: WHY do so many pairs of alleged 9/11 victims with same – or very similar – names and surnames look very similar – almost as if they were twins? Similar names? Similar faces? Is it all just a matter of coincidence? Hmm. Well let’s have a look at a few. Please keep in mind that the portraits of alleged “9/11 victims” as featured in official memorials that I’m comparing here were selected for comparison – on the basis of their names and surnames:

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