Active shooter overload

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Like the vitamin, we seem to be getting one a day now. Is this the tipping point between those that recognize psyOp hoaxes and those that don’t? We need to convene here as often as possible to remind ourselves that this “news” is just propaganda, as Jan Erik said in JC #4 audio.

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2 thoughts on “Active shooter overload

  1. PeterShea

    cat on a hot tin roof’s address;

    911 black heart sucks T(love) in N(the infinite made mine). MAGIC.

    time on clock 11.42 and 65 degrees
    or 11.42.11

    two 7’s right below. and yes the third 7 to be found top right in AIR7HD.

    voice of J.T ALPHAUGH police pursuit
    or j. t-all faux.

    fuck right off!

    justin laurie looks like a sesame street puppet at 7 mins.
    police car 21A60 0r 777 70

    listen to the last 30 seconds and see it as allegorical and applying generally.

    that’s more like it.

    a great awakening is coming. it is all very funny, in one sense.

    all the video looks faked/cgi to me. even Justin laurie. how much easier is it that way?

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