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Covering a vicsim glitch

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Simon is busy digging into the vicsim stories of 9/11. Some are silly, some are funny, some look like goofs that get covered with silly follow-up stories. Of course, they could be deliberate, in your face, jokes.

There’s a thread here where a member is challenging another to provide proof that a vicsim is a victim. Sorry, to me the onus is on the spoofers that created the event to prove that it’s true. With our limited resources, how can we prove anything? We can only point out the piles of fault in the story and imagery to create a preponderance of doubt – reasonable doubt – to the whole story. We don’t have to prove the story’s fake, they have to prove it’s true! So far, they fail all over the place.

A purely coincidental ‘twist of fate’ – or a glitch in the monstrous 9/11 Vicsim-machine?

Or […………..] (< fill in blank slot) ? As ever – YOU decide where to place your money..

via View topic – 9/11 MEMORIAL SCAMS, VICSIMS, Etc • Cluesforum.info.

Another post of Simon’s well worth a look. www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….


The low-life imbeciles who put together the phony 9/11 victim roster must have thought they were a jolly smart and witty lot. Oh how merrily the old farts must have chuckled when they threw into their digital vicsim database two symbols of world peace – to be “killed off” in their vile, virtual war-games! Now, no matter what your views may be about Krishnamurti or John Lennon, there is no denying that the two of them were universally-renowned (and popularly-perceived as) “world peace symbols”. But let’s first have a look at alleged 9/11 victim “Krishna Moorthy”:

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If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit

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Find a slogan and psychic drive it. This is one phrase that stuck in my mind deeply – to this day. This is a propaganda technique that is  very, very effective and is used for ALL major events in some form or another.

I’m quite sure that the OJ trial was a psyOp hoax. On this anniversary we need to have researchers start digging for clues. I’ll get Zach to do the intros to at least have some fun with the numbers.

It was 20 years ago, on June 12, 1994, that Nicole Brown Simpson’s Akita dog began howling, alerting neighbours to the carnage that lay behind the gate at 875 South Bundy Dr. Five days later, the circus began in earnest.

“One could argue that it drastically changed the nature of television completely,” he said. “I think an argument can be made that was the beginning of reality TV.

“It’s cheap television. It draws a huge number of viewers, it spawned the success of things like CNN, and it really changed the way TV executives looked at television — which eventually changed the television that’s available to all of us.”

Simpson’s legal issues didn’t end with his acquittal. The victims’ families sued him and a civil jury found him liable for their deaths, and imposed a judgment of $33.5 million (U.S.). Then, in 2007, Simpson and five other men stormed a hotel room in Las Vegas to retrieve items he said belonged to him, and which he believed had been stolen.

via How the O.J. Simpson trial would ‘change us all’ | Toronto Star.

Zach chimes in:


Here’s a theory, maybe Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson are really alive somewhere, and their deaths were faked, all for the purpose of this giant television spectacle, a mass distraction for the ages.  In the months after the OJ Simpson trial, the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, contributing further to the number of distractions U.S. citizens had to put up with.  Why would OJ do this?  The same reason people do stupid stuff everyday, for money.

More from Zach on the latest OJ trial. I doubt there was any trial and I doubt that he’s in any jail.


Who is all smiles when they’re going to prison for 33-years?If you have not read about the first O.J. Simpson trial and all of the coded “33” within, from the name Simpson to the date the bodies of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson were found, please do so here.  This more recent O.J. case continues the same trend we saw before, so that information is important for understanding the significance of “33” in this more recent story.



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Lady DIed hoax

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I don’t have much doubt that the Lady Di death was just another media hoax. After listening to some of the details of the whole ridiculous story and its follow-up “trials” in this audio, I have even less doubt.


After seeing fakeologist PShea ad-hominim-ed over at the Fetzerblog, I even more convinced that PShea and I are on the same fakery page. Not sure why Peter bothers posting over there – it’s akin to putting your head in a meat grinder. No gain and all pain.


Lady Di

Lady Di (Photo credit: reingestalter)


The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: John Morgan.

Other random thoughts on the case:

Lady Di was very much a Kennedy type character in this psyOp scenario “the humanitarian princess”. She was busy doing good for human kind, going up against the establishment, mixing it up with a Muslim: all anti-Anglo American empire type activities. It is for this reason that she had to be “removed”.

Were dopplegangers used to play Lady Di? Much like Michael Jackson, her appearance changes are more likely due to switching of look-alikes. Why are people more likely to accept or discuss radical surgery, as opposed to famous people having doubles for security and convenience reasons, as well as logistical reasons? Would the exposure of the widespread use of dopplegangers help expose other psyOps more easily?




A typical reply to fakeology

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An email reader sent me an interesting email forwarded to someone in the Moncton area regarding the Moncton media event/police triad shooting.

I highlight it as a typical response by a lucid, intelligent individual who is otherwise aware of his surroundings. I have received this type of response over and over again myself.

So how do deal with it? Interestingly, Carole started a thread that touches on this subject. fakeologist.com/forums/topic/a…

Hi V,

I forwarded the link you sent me to my friend, B, in Moncton who’s up on conspiracy posts, crap and all.  I figured he would be the best person to assess this. A is his wife.

Here’s his reply…



—– Forwarded message from B —–

This is all total bull shit … as are all the “false flag” conspiracy theories put out by these conspiracy nuts. The Moncton shooter was actually one of them himself ( conspiracy nut ). These people are getting themselves all worked up at the “evils” of the governments as they perceive them and it is no wonder that every once in a while one of them gets worked up enough to actually do something like this. Practically everyone in Moncton knows someone who was family or friends with one of the police officers killed. My daughter and at least three of A’s friends have connections to at least one of these officers each, how can you hoax something like that?

I have read many discussions of these types of conspiracies on the internet and I am convinced that none of them are worth the time spent to read about them. 911 was a hoax? The planes were holograms? The Boston bombing was a government set up? Sandy Hook school shooting never happened and they were all government paid actors? These people are all sick and demented and don’t ever deserve any of your or my attention. They should all be ignored and left to fade away with no consideration or attention of any kind.


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