If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit

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Find a slogan and psychic drive it. This is one phrase that stuck in my mind deeply – to this day. This is a propaganda technique that is  very, very effective and is used for ALL major events in some form or another.

I’m quite sure that the trial was a hoax. On this anniversary we need to have researchers start digging for clues. I’ll get Zach to do the intros to at least have some fun with the .

It was 20 years ago, on June 12, 1994, that Nicole Brown Simpson’s Akita dog began howling, alerting neighbours to the carnage that lay behind the gate at 875 South Bundy Dr. Five days later, the circus began in earnest.

“One could argue that it drastically changed the nature of television completely,” he said. “I think an argument can be made that was the beginning of reality TV.

“It’s cheap television. It draws a huge number of viewers, it spawned the success of things like CNN, and it really changed the way TV executives looked at television — which eventually changed the television that’s available to all of us.”

Simpson’s legal issues didn’t end with his acquittal. The victims’ families sued him and a civil jury found him liable for their deaths, and imposed a judgment of $33.5 million (U.S.). Then, in 2007, Simpson and five other men stormed a hotel room in Las Vegas to retrieve items he said belonged to him, and which he believed had been stolen.

via How the O.J. Simpson trial would ‘change us all’ | Toronto Star.

Zach chimes in:


Here’s a theory, maybe Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson are really alive somewhere, and their deaths were faked, all for the purpose of this giant television spectacle, a mass distraction for the ages.  In the months after the OJ Simpson trial, the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, contributing further to the number of distractions U.S. citizens had to put up with.  Why would OJ do this?  The same reason people do stupid stuff everyday, for money.

More from Zach on the latest OJ trial. I doubt there was any trial and I doubt that he’s in any jail.


Who is all smiles when they’re going to prison for 33-years?If you have not read about the first O.J. Simpson trial and all of the coded 0;33” within, from the name Simpson to the date the bodies of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson were found, please do so here.  This more recent O.J. case continues the same trend we saw before, so that information is important for understanding the significance of “33” in this more recent story.



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8 thoughts on “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit

  1. simonshack

    Great stuff about Kardashian, Johnny Clues – I wasn’t aware that he was a ‘father of TV reality shows” – and all that.

    On the other hand, I hope EVERONE’s aware of the movie “Capricorn One” – starring O.J. Simpson in the role of a NASA ass-true-not who becomes an “unwilling participant” of a blatantly fake / staged NASA mission to planet Mars – aired on TV for all TV-viewers to buy into…

    CAPRICORN ONE trailers (1978) :

    If you’ve never watched that movie – watch it NOW ! Entertainment guaranteed ! :O)

    1. simonshack

      O.J. SIMPSON in his own words :

      “I…I believe that we landed on the Moon – but I also believe it is possible to… to get a hoax over like that.”

      At 3:05 into this clip:

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