Will this 9/11 comment persist?

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9-11 Conspiracies- Social Media And Their Enduring Appeal - Discovery News 2014-06-12 21-25-05I often like to post comments to bring doubters to this site. My comments almost always are ghosted or get deleted. If you’re feeling frisky, head on over and leave a comment. Note your results. Take a screenshot.
Here’s a lamestream media site that doesn’t even post the video in question.

Over the past week, a video claiming to prove that no planes actually hit the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, circulated widely on Facebook and other social media. Despite a self-evidently absurd premise (thousands of people saw the event, both on television and in real life above them in Manhattan), the video now has been seen almost 3 million times.

via 9/11 Conspiracies: Social Media And Their Enduring Appeal : Discovery News.

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  1. JohnnyClues

    Good news, Your reply is still up, and many others have responded with truth, aside from “Big Pappy” and other sleepers or shills.

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