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Special Thanks To My Guests For JC Live Ep#5 - 
Marksman – Videre Licet – Banazir Galbasi – (Live Listener)Jacqueline


Saturn/Satan, The Cube And The “X”

Moncton Rambo Strange Ending Video

Major police operation involved in Yaletown shooting Video

Yaletown shooting witness – Cole Anderson, the son of Real Housewife of Vancouver Mary Zilba

Parents react when learning their son OK in Reynolds High School

Troutdale Shooting Dad Gets Call From Son(Full Version – Nice “Give A Hoot, Don’t Pollute, Your Propaganda
 Owl Symbolism” T-Shirt)

Parents, children reunite after high school shooting ( Badges, with a dash of Water Bottles, And a Pinch
 Of Laughter)

Black Robe (1991)

The Matthew De Grood (Calgary Stabbing) Megadeth Connection

The Justin Bourque (Moncton Rambo) Megadeth Connection

Gerald Battersby before Yaletown shooting: ‘They took away my dignity’

Letter “B” Tongue Twisters

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Buckethead – Exit 209

Jerad Miller(Las Vegas Alleged Shooting) Acting Again…This Time As The Joker(Like The Aurora James Holmes Schtick)

Jerad Miller (Las Vegas Alleged Shooting) Supposedly At The  – Or So “They” Say

Las Vegas police release disturbing video of Alleged cop killers’ last moments (The Look Ma! No Blood! Moment)

Gematria Calculator

Mad Tv Arnold’s Clone

: Wolfgang Halbig is a LIAR (Part 1)

SANDY HOOK: Wolfgang Halbig is a LIAR (Part 2)

SANDY HOOK: Wolfgang Halbig is a LIAR (Part 3)

SANDY HOOK: Wolfgang Halbig is a LIAR (Part 4)

Richard Martinez (Lying his Ass Off – imo)

So Many Threes

Secrets in Plain Sight

Searching For Sugar Man

Interview of Searching For Sugar Man Director Malik Bendjelloul And Sixto Rodriguez
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10 thoughts on “ep5-Johnny Clues Live

  1. JohnnyClues


    Yea, your possibly right, I’m not a huge computer guy, so still learning computer related stuff, programs etc on the fly, thinking of upgrading the show at some point to how Ab and Dustban have it, so I can play opening and closing music, as well as clips and what not, but I’m not a huge fan of learning when it comes to computer programs, but do wanna upgrade, it will just take some time to learn the new programs and such, looking forward to playing one of my favorite clips, from the Sandy Hook Hoax, Wayne Carver and his moronic quote ” …it wasn’t a tent!….it was this……Thing!” JC

  2. Henkus

    Yay more Johnny.
    I will save this one for later , hehe.

    I noticed that these audio files are quite big, 160 mb for nearly 3 hours.
    Not that this is an issue for me but you might want to check out more compression methods maybe?

  3. JohnnyClues


    Was Glad To Have You On MArk, You Did Great IMO, Your Welcome Back Anytime, Preferably Next Time At KFC’s….. You Know… At The Colonel’s House Of Poison…Ha!…..JC

  4. JohnnyClues


    Thanks for your input Wolfman, I agree with what you are saying, and glad to hear you enjoy the show, your welcome to join us in a future broadcast anytime, just Skype me @ john.e.see if your interested in joining other fakeologists discuss this absurd world we live in.

    I haven’t seen the film Dark Crystal, I will put it into my list of movies to watch, and let you know what I thought once I watch it. I’ll also check out the song you mentioned.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the MKUltra Issue…. A giant Howl Shoutout From Johnny To The Wolfman!


  5. wolfman9

    Thank you for your shows, I have been enjoying them.
    You mentioned ‘MK Ultra’ in your show and asked me about it in the chat the other day. I had to think about it for a minute because, I thought, a rather sizable can of worms your reaching for. I have looked at a lot of information about it but, it is hard to say what is valid. Personally, I do feel there is probably some kind of program, that is at least similar, that exists. I don’t buy the stories of supposed ‘Manchurian Candidates’ like, Sirhan Sirhan and Mark David Chapman (most likely simish hoaxers) but, I do feel there is the possibility of ‘trauma based mind control’ being used on a mass scale, an attempt to split people psychologically. Celebrities, musicians and other public figures probably undergo some kind of conditioning to be affective mind manipulators but, it is hard to say to what extant.
    I think if there is such program, it is probably aimed at all of us. The stories that we hear in the media about it happening to just celebrities is probably a ‘limited hangout’ amount of information necessary for ‘revelation of the method’. I have begun to believe that the producers of the ‘show’ are bent on initiating us into what they believe to be a ‘Golden Age’ by breaking down certain psychological tendencies through shocking the ‘shit out of us’. I do believe, ‘spell craft’, as Jungle Surfer says it, is a pretty good way to describe it. The Luciferian doctrine seems to operate from a place of moral relativity. An example of this, I feel, is the story of Judas is the bible. Would the story of Jesus be that popular if wasn’t for the ‘ultimate betrayal’? How did Judas know to do such a nasty thing that ultimately could have had a potentially ‘positive’ effect on the rest of history, in the form of a moral fable? Was he (or the writers of the tale) divinely inspired? How can we know ‘good’ if we do not also know ‘evil’? Is ‘Do what thou wilt’ an excuse to be moral-less?
    Have you ever seen the movie ‘Dark Crystal’? I constantly think about the ending of that movie when the ‘dark’ and the ‘light’ merge. I feel that there is ultimately no place for ‘darkness’, aka ignorance, to hide and will eventually be illuminated. Does darkness have any existence without the light or, is it just a ‘shadow’?

    Keep up the good work!

    Fiat lux!, The Wolfman

    1. wolfman9

      Speaking of Sirhan Sirhan, I noticed the other night that Bobby Kennedy was ‘assassinated’ on 6-6-1968. 1+9+6+8=24 or 6.


      p.s. This is an old local band, from Denver, active in the 90’s that my mom used to take me to see before I could drive. I recommend song #1, ‘Judas’ soundcloud.com/psychodeliczomb…

  6. marksman

    Sorry for the static guys 😛
    Big thanks to Johnny F’n Clues for giving me a shot at his podcast. This really helped me break out.. It’s like that scene in braveheart.. FREEDOMM!!!!!

  7. JohnnyClues

    Hey Ab

    Thanks for the kind words, and I agree, it is a lot of work….btw, still having issues trying to post shownotes into ep#3 now, not sure why, but i’ll keep trying to get them posted…JC

  8. ab Post author

    Excellent show JC. Your self deprecating style and calm delivery are a pleasure to listen to. Your follow up notes and explanation of websites during the show also helps newcomers. Keep up the good work — and it is work folks. You can tell the hours and effort he puts into the show.

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