ep3-JC Live

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Going back in time with this older show.


ShowNotes For Ep#3 (With A Vengeance/RAWlo)

Thanks To Special Guests Rollo, And Dustban Members, Banazir And The Dustman!

A Very Big Thanks To Banazir for Fixing Up Ep#3 For Me (Sadly I Was Having Headset Issues
And I Would Distort When I Got Too Loud)

63 Drills Since 1993 That Went Live As Real Events

The 7/7 Ripple Effect

Al Gore Whoring Lies (imo)

10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web

Video game simulation has winning Stanley Cup over San Jose Sharks

Unlocking the brain


Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays


Midlands UFO 06 July 2008 – The Truth. – CGI

Truth In Movies (From the 2013 Movie 0;Enemy”)

Truth In Movies Part2 (From the 1983 Movie “Videodrome”)

Jungle Surfer’s “ Up It’s A Hoax”

Jungle Surfer’s “Waco Exposed It’s A Hoax Drill”

Woolwich Alleged Attack – People Casually Walking Past A Cleaver Welding (ahem) Actor – imo

LAX Alleged Shooting – Dummy In A Wheelchair

Alleged Bombing – Fix The Prosthetic Leg Outtake

Livingonplanetz’ exposure of A Boston Bomb Star(must be signed in to view this video)

When Drills Go Live: How to recognize the signs of False Flag Terrorism(utrasonic illuminations???)

System Of The Down – Johnny

The Breathing that Can Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Dave Dave On Larry King Live

Billy Boy Clinton’s “How Dare You” Schtick

The Lost And Found

The Buzz Aldrin punch to Bart Sibrel Noodle (Looks set up – imo)

Jungle Surfer’s “Diana Hoax Busted Wide Open”

“More Cowbell”( The Sound is terribly low but only clip i could find)

Believe It Or Not, George Isn’t At Home

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2 thoughts on “ep3-JC Live

  1. JohnnyClues


    Yea, Ep#3 wasn’t available for awhile, it needed to be fix up a tad, edited and such, but certainly wanted to get it up, shoutout to Banazir for his hard work put into fixing it up.

    No, it isn’t a stupid question, I used to also put the shows at talkshoe, but that account I believe has closed.

    In Ep#1, With Guests CJ And The Dustman,…..near the end of that episode, CJ mentions where I can add my episodes, which I am thinking of looking into, just so they are in other places on the net as well.

    I do store my episode on bit sync torrent as well right now, you’d just have to add bit sync torrent then sync up to me I believe, though I don’t know that program too well, but that’s how I send my episodes to Ab Irato, then he uploads them here….thanks for listening! JC

  2. Henkus

    Oh hey seems i have some catching up to do with the JC show. Seems this show is from 24 Arpril.
    Just started listening but i’am sure i will like it 🙂

    Maybe a stupid question but is there another place where i can find your broadcasts?
    Or is Ab the one who ‘publishes’ these?

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