Is it any wonder?

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…that we have no idea whatsoever what’s going on in geo-politics? This article is empty of any real information. No names, just vague pronouns, similar to . If we are to take anything from this story (fairy tale), it’s that it contradicts any notion that is an enemy of the West. In fact, I am sure that it is as deep in the club as any country. The real enemy is its people, again, as in most countries that are controlled by a small group of psychopaths.

The contradictory nature of the story is simply to provide disinformation, so one has no real clue as to what’s happening.

U.S. and Iranian officials discussed the crisis in Iraq on the sidelines of separate negotiations about the Iranian nuclear program in Vienna, three sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.

via U.S., Iran discuss Iraq on sidelines of nuclear talks: sources | Reuters.

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