Hoax axiom – Security cameras never work

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This post is just for the record. All fakeologists know that during all /hoaxes, a simple axiom is that all security cameras will fail to work at the precise time of the event. If they do work, then all footage will soon be deleted or lost.

To wit:

  • Apollo 11 moon landing footage
  • Pentagon CCTV footage
  • 7/7  London Bombings footage, in the most CCTV intensive location on the planet
  • the latest Quebec helicopter prison hoax


The blunders continue to pile up in the helicopter jailbreak at Orsainville jail near Quebec City.

QMI Agency has learned that none of the jail’s surveillance cameras captured the aerial escape by three alleged murderers.

Quebec’s jail guards’ union has called for more security cameras in provincial jails since 2012.

Why do they want more cameras if they never work when you need them?

via No security video of Quebec chopper jailbreak | Home | Toronto Sun.

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3 thoughts on “Hoax axiom – Security cameras never work

  1. psyopticon

    The Quebec helicopter prison hoax has a familiar ring to it. But will they squeeze a chart single out of it?


    October 31, 1973, and a hijacked chopper was used to spring three top IRA men from Dublin’s Mountjoy prison. London’s Daily Mail said the jail break was “a carbon copy of a ruse in a recent Ulster TV film“.


    Days later and Irish folk band, the Wolfe Tones, released The Helicopter Song, celebrating the escape. The song was number one for four weeks despite being immediately banned by the Irish government. The song peaked in the Irish charts on November 22, 1973 and held that position for four weeks until it was replaced by Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody.

    Not the best year for popular music then.

  2. Jim Hollander

    This whole CCTV, “big brother is watching you” is probably another money hoarding scam. I remember a Top Gear episode about one of the new London Buses which has 17, SEVENTEEN, cameras. This is just ridiculous.. Hardly anyone one is ever caught doing anything on CCTV, just more lies and fear mongering, I reckon.

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