Mechanics of the sims/actors/psyop spoofers

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Anonjedi made a great post on how the agents used in might work:

1) It makes more sense to have some real people 0;within the community” acting as agents who are hired several years in advance of the to begin planting roots and creating a back story. They infiltrate the community and now everyone in the area knows who they are and can say “I knew Robbie Parker” or “my kid played with Dylan Hockley, they lived 2 miles away” even though nobody actually really knows who these people are, where they are from or for whom they are working. Part of their job is to plant roots in the community, lay low and be a good sleeper agent until called upon. If there are at least several hundred people who say that they interacted with these people in real life, a simulation argument will sound insane to them and out goes the baby with the bathwater. Meanwhile, the are reserved for other entities (like the Lanzas perhaps).….

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