ep113-September Clues soundtrack album party

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Record time: Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 6:11am EDT

Topic: soundtrack and discuss the making of the and its fantastic interaction with movie clips.

Guests: Simon Shack, Rollo, El Sushi


NB: This is the backup audio – the original didn’t record properly so this is in mono (forgot to change the backup settings). To get the full stereo effect of Simon’s music, click the link below! Always create backups!


Simon’s thread about his on cluesforum: www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

0;THE NUKE HOAX – some historical background” : cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…

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7 thoughts on “ep113-September Clues soundtrack album party

  1. simonshack

    Thanks so much Ab for this show – and for ‘plugging’ my band’s music – it really hasn’t had much promotion over the years, so I appreciate this all the more! Alright folks, so the mono / low bit rate sound format of the show isn’t up to MSM broadcast standards, and the songs don’t sound too well – but don’t blame Ab for this – he’s doing his very best with his grass-root home-radio setup!

    Right now I’d like to make a little courtesy gift to all fakeologists / listeners / music fans – of a song (from our second album, still unreleased) which was played on the show: “STRANGE” – in high mp3/stereo quality. You can download it (by right clicking on it and saving to your hard disk) from the link below – which will be up for a limited amount of time :


    So again thanks to Ab – to all Social Service fans and, of course, to those who have already purchased the September Clues Soundtrack from this mp3 download page:

    And to those who don’t care much about my band / and music – but only about my 9/11 research and Cluesforum efforts – come on now : please DO buy my SC soundtrack anyway! Just consider it as a (musical) $15 donation to a worthy cause!

    (I know, I probably suck as a salesman! ) 🙂


  2. simonshack

    Am looking forward to the show too – hehe ! :O)

    Banazir, my favorite vocoder I used at the the time (to process all sorts of sounds and samples) was a digital plug-in by Opcode – if I well remember. Back then, I had a friend who kept bringing me truckloads of audio plug-ins to play around with – and I had lots of fun tweaking and toggling with them all… The sampling frequency I’d record at would be 48kHz when I still used my ol’ DAT Technics recorder – it’s now back to the standard 44.1 kHz on my direct-to- hard disk system – but yes, in earlier days I used Revox or Akai analog tape recorders (although I could never afford anything like a 2-inch Tascam or Studer…)

    Yes, I tried inviting Katie Couric to my studio to re-enact her 9/11 performance – but the bitch asked me for $500.000 plus expenses – her standard fee for a recording session ! 😀

    My band is pretty much all on board with the research – but also pretty much pissed off that it effectively ruined the band ! Hopefully, we can reunite some fine day – I can see us playing a groovy requiem at NASA’s funeral – how about that?

  3. Banazîr Galbasi

    Some questions for Simon:

    Where does one come across a vocoder in this day and age? Is yours vintage or digital?

    What sample frequency do you record at? Or have you got an old tascam in good working condition with the last of the 2 inch tapes?

    Did you get all the 9/11 actors to come into the studio to reread all their lines for the soundtrack or were they prerecorded in the months and years leading up to the big day? Did you work closely with the director or… Just kidding.

    What is your band’s opinion of September Clues, 9/11 and media fakery in general along with your involvement in all the research that followed at cluesforum?

    And where is my copy? 🙂

    Have a good show guys, looking forward to it.



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