Leave them kids alone

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Fakeologists, we have an issue that I loathe to bring up in this area, but I thought if it went to the derailing room it may be deemed unimportant or overlooked.

Apparently an entity using the name , from truthin7minutes, is contacting fakeologist members and offering an image he proposes is me, my home address, and other web details that he 0;truth sleuthed” out. While I will not confirm whether any of his information is valid, I will confirm that his actions have upset and disturTalkshoe Chat Grabber 2014-06-20 13-25-14bed the members he contacted.

As people here know from my past broadcasts, one of my first ones had Marcus on. While I had no idea who he was, I was quickly warned in the chat (at chatgrabber.com  – Show 123030 Steve De’ak episode) that Marcus was there to take over. At the time, it didn’t bother me, as I was glad that anybody was interested enough to help me through my recovery of truth. As time has passed, it appears that the many people who have warned me of this entity were correct in their assessment, so I have avoided confrontation or interaction.

I used the name Ab Irato for a simple reason. It’s Latin (which I like), and it illustrated my anger for what I had learned about 9/11. Marcus coaxed me into using my real first name while speaking to him, which I was OK with, since I’ve used it since the beginning of my computer connectivity career and was planning on using it while I talked to people I already knew to avoid confusion.

My real first name is the extent to which I plan to reveal my identity. This has proved to be a wise move, since apparently no friend or family is interested in discussing 9/11 and our false reality. In fact, they are afraid, embarrassed, and a bit ashamed that I even dwell upon it. It’s the elephant in the room whenever I am around. While I pity others for not understanding my epistemology, I cannot force it on them, and do not wish to cause them any possible humiliation for associating with me and my views.

Therefore, I guard my privacy carefully, and have taken steps to expunge any accidental record of my persona from the web. I suppose if you really want to dig, and have endless hours of computer time to do so, you could find me, but what would that accomplish?

More of my views are public here than most other people’s on the entire planet. I have a huge site full of my personal views. They are real. Apparently this has resonated with some amazing other real people, and it is my pleasure to host them on this site for as long as they wish — for nothing in return. This site, however, is the extent of my persona that I wish to circulate online to prevent any harm or other unforeseen events to my real family.

It’s for this reason that I find it despicable and immoral to use alleged elements of my private persona to threaten others. Most real members are already on edge and vulnerable for sharing their deep mistrust of what they are told. To have someone threaten them or intimidate them with this information is like beating a vulnerable child. We all know we are on shaky ground with the masses when we question what we do, so having someone further agitate us for gathering here and expressing ourselves is disgusting.

The investigation of “truth” or our reality as manufactured for us is full of pitfalls. It is my aim to create a place where doubters can “let their hair down” as I have done and not be afraid of admitting they don’t really know what’s going on and seek solace in the comfort of other similarly doubting people. The last thing we need is to be intimidated or harassed by those posing as our friend and threatening our judgement.

I’ll remind members that this is a private site. If someone comes by to shit on the lawn, they’ll be banned and their excrement removed. If you’ve come to harass, you’ll quickly be impressed with the real people here who will step up and call you out. Even if not one more fakeologist ever finds this site, I will consider it a success thanks to the many great personalities that I’ve met and learned from. Hopefully many more will see the courage that some otherwise quiet individuals have mustered and expressed here and do the same.

Here’s to keeping the courage of your convictions. Fake on!




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3 thoughts on “Leave them kids alone

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  2. simonshack


    After checking out one of Markus Allen’s many web pages, I am now extremely worried about him.

    I mean, just look at what the guy ( a self-professed “health-freak”) is EATING ! :

    Markus, if you’re reading this, please know that I CAN HELP. All you need to do is to place an order for my own orchard’s products. Here’s a picture I snapped of one of my usual dinner servings (all homegrown) :

    Since I know you bear higher regard to those who highly value their own products – I have worked out this very special price list – just for you:

    Tomatoes: $15 apiece
    Egg-plants : $60 apiece
    Zucchine: $40 apiece
    Onions: $25 apiece

    (shipping not included)

    Hope to receive an order from you soon. Satisfaction guaranteed !

    1. ab Post author

      What a lovely meal you’ve gathered! What a coincidence that I’ve determined that leaning toward the vegan way (more raw, more lentils) is the way to go. Looks like you are already eating that way. What do you propose is on Markus’ plate?

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