Osama 2.0 – Al Baghdadi!

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New, improved, incorporating all the latest techniques for building a better fake enemy. Less imagery, audio, and more mystery. Coming soon: the movie, with the latest in Hollywool boogeyman SIMulation. Contact your cave-cable provider and don’t miss an episode! Rated RRS (really really scary).

You cannot make this stuff up — but your military’s intelligence agencies can! I like how they use a well known name. That helps sell the illusion to the media faked population more easily.

He is regarded as one of the most powerful militants in the world, a former Islamist preacher who evolved into a global jihadist now threatening to rewrite the map of the Middle East.

Yet Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, remains largely a mystery, even to his followers.

via How ISIL grew under a leader shrouded in mystery | Toronto Star.

Can we call him Al? Evokes other TV memories of Al Bundy, who I really didn’t like. More TV memory is being stirred with this latest enemy-is-rising . When I think ISIS, all I can recall is this:

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4 thoughts on “Osama 2.0 – Al Baghdadi!

  1. smj

    my favorite part of the al-baghdadi narrative was his release from the american prison camp bucca, as in ronald paul bucca of 911 fame.

    can simulated victims spin in their simulated graves?

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