Technetium 99

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I’m opening this topic for further research into the nuclear (hoax) theory. This medical isotope has a mysterious history. Its number 99 also makes it extra suspicious.

The hydra extends its fake tentacles in this case into medicine. Once more, we have Canada at the forefront, with an odd ongoing saga of a nuclear research plant that closes due to a heavy water (11% denser than regular water – it never ends) leak. Is a heavy water leak really enough to close anything — all for an extra Oxygen atom?

The purpose of this fairy tale is two fold: to confirm the existence of the plant and its mystery product, and to create artificial scarcity to drive up the price.

Since we’re told this elixir is used for nuclear imaging, mostly in the mammoth cancer industry, if it’s not radioactive, what could it be, if anything? Could it be just a mixture of some toxic metal, or nothing at all?

Feel free to dig into the wiki page and other sources for clues.…

Agent 99

The new technologies for making the key isotope ingredient — technetium-99 — without a nuclear reactor are still in the research stage, with too many infrastructure and regulatory hurdles to be ready when Chalk River stops production.

via The made-in-Canada isotope shortage facing medical scans – Health – CBC News.

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