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sim Jeremy Glick flight 93

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There are many ways to simulate a victim. Perhaps this is one of them. Perhaps Jeremy was based on a “real life character” – simply an old picture of the father or brother in this family made into a sim-son.

Teaching-English-in-Japan-Education-Jonah"I did some research about him and I found a very similair family member.

Jeremy Glick died in plane 93

Jonah Glick (brother jeremy)

Are they the same person with an age difference of 15 years? Same nose.

I’m just curious what you guys think

Jonah starts speaking through the phone at 14:15

via Jeremy Glick plane 93 alive? – Let’s Roll Forums.

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Words are spells

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Best post yet that I’ve seen from Clues’ Brianv

The word Occult simply means Hidden, but strangely, many ascribe some voodooic value to it. The first spells cast by ‘Wizards’ were simply WORDS. Words that when put together caused fear in the receiver. For instance the wizard would write “If you don’t pay tax to the king your soul will rot and your crops will fail and chickens will be scurvy”. Sounds ridiculous I know, but to superstitious people who couldn’t read or write – these were Spells. Words are SPELLED. These words caused anxiety, stress and fear, which as we know, is the prime cause of illness in the body. Illness causes death. So what happened when the populaces began to read and write? “This Spell is in Latin – we are fucked I tell ya. We’d better pay up”. Then came the Numbers of course.

The best wizards, were those who could put words together in such a fashion which reaped the most income for the king – the Daily Merlin and such.

This was the beginnings of Statute Law – which is nothing but a bunch of words crafted in such a manner as to cause fear – and more often than not, a FINE is the penalty and the ‘king’ the recipient

So as for wackos in frocks spouting mumbo-jumbo in Latin over the dying, was to ensure that the poor fucker left his land to the church or the king or his soul would spend an eternity in hell. Words words words nothing else.

Magic : The art of turning superstition into coin.

The Message is the Medium. In other words it doesn’t matter what’s on the written document, the fact that it’s written is where the power is. The container is more important than the content. TELEVISION. NEWSPAPERS.

Occult, Gematria, Religion, Freemasonry etc, is pure horseshit and a waste of time discussing, and I’m sure hoi didn’t intend his excellent post to become the starting whistle for a discussion of such garbage.

via View topic – Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why? • Cluesforum.info.

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Together till the end

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Is this a good news or bad news story? Any way you look, it has that stinky hoax smell. Contradictions and numbers in bold. Silly picture with over-photoshopped beard below.

Perhaps the biggest clue to silliness is in their name.



1 [kleev] Show IPA

verb (used without object), cleaved or ( Archaic ) clave; cleaved; cleav·ing.


to adhere closely; stick; cling (usually followed by to  ).

to remain faithful (usually followed by to  ): to cleave to one’s principles in spite of persecution.

For 54 years, William (Bill) and Lucille Cleve were partners in life.

The couple raised three sons, worked hard and shared an unusual hobby. Members of a local CB radio club, Lucille went by the handle “Queen Bee” while Bill was known as “The Silver Stud.”

So when Bill, 76, and Lucille, 75, were terminally ill with cancer, their family and staff at Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital agreed they should be together one last time and moved them into the same room last week.

They died 11 hours apart on June 18.

“They didn’t go anywhere without one another,” their eldest son David said. “You never saw one without the other one close by … They were partners.”

Though it’s not uncommon for spouses married a long time to die shortly one after the other, Joe O’Neill of O’Neill Funeral Home said he has only seen a couple die in such close proximity a handful of times in his over 30 years as a funeral director.

via Elderly Ontario couple die 11 hours apart | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

I’ve read a similar story at least 3 or 4 times this year. I’ll let you dig them up yourselves.

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