sim Jeremy Glick flight 93

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There are many ways to simulate a victim. Perhaps this is one of them. Perhaps Jeremy was based on a 0;real life character” – simply an old picture of the father or brother in this family made into a sim-son.

Teaching-English-in-Japan-Education-Jonah"I did some research about him and I found a very similair family member.

Jeremy Glick died in plane 93

Jonah Glick (brother jeremy)

Are they the same person with an age difference of 15 years? Same nose.

I’m just curious what you guys think

Jonah starts speaking through the phone at 14:15

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4 thoughts on “sim Jeremy Glick flight 93

  1. freetofindtruth

    For those who do not see the value in Gematria, I think this is yet another perfect example.
    Glick = 7+3+9+3+11 = 33
    This name I have seen used before, so it stood out right away. Knowing the number values for the words will help you retain the repetitive information they use, if you want to remember such things. Gematria isn’t supposed to be the end all, it is supposed to be a useful tool, which I find it very much to be.

  2. JoeyZ

    On a lovely hiking trail a short walking distance from my home…. Jeremy is a local hero.
    Legend has it, 220lb. Jeremy Glick, international judo champion and flight 93 – 9/11 hero, helped orchestrate the seizing of the plane from four dreaded 135lb. box-cutter-wielding Muslim fiends. The bench shown is provided so that weary “fellow travelers” (Masonic term) can repose and reflect upon the loss of our brave local hero and beloved vicsim 🙁

    JoeyZ from New Jersey (pic taken on my cheap cell phone cam)

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