Words are spells

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Best post yet that I’ve seen from Clues’ Brianv

The word Occult simply means Hidden, but strangely, many ascribe some voodooic value to it. The first spells cast by ‘Wizards’ were simply WORDS. Words that when put together caused fear in the receiver. For instance the wizard would write 0;If you don’t pay tax to the king your soul will rot and your crops will fail and chickens will be scurvy”. Sounds ridiculous I know, but to superstitious people who couldn’t read or write – these were Spells. Words are SPELLED. These words caused anxiety, stress and fear, which as we know, is the prime cause of illness in the body. Illness causes death. So what happened when the populaces began to read and write? “This Spell is in Latin – we are fucked I tell ya. We’d better pay up”. Then came the of course.

The best wizards, were those who could put words together in such a fashion which reaped the most income for the king – the Daily Merlin and such.

This was the beginnings of Statute Law – which is nothing but a bunch of words crafted in such a manner as to cause fear – and more often than not, a FINE is the penalty and the ‘king’ the recipient

So as for wackos in frocks spouting mumbo-jumbo in Latin over the dying, was to ensure that the poor fucker left his land to the church or the king or his soul would spend an eternity in hell. Words words words nothing else.

: The art of turning superstition into coin.

The Message is the Medium. In other words it doesn’t matter what’s on the written document, the fact that it’s written is where the power is. The container is more important than the content. TELEVISION. NEWSPAPERS.

Occult, Gematria, Religion, Freemasonry etc, is pure horseshit and a waste of time discussing, and I’m sure hoi didn’t intend his excellent post to become the starting whistle for a discussion of such garbage.

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  1. wolfman9

    The container more important than the content? Pure horse shit? Do you realize that your belief about these things being horse shit, is just as much a superstition? They may all be tricks but, what is power, if not the ability to influence your world? Your word is your sWORD! www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM8FcN…

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