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Another suspicious murder story close to home

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The only thing I deduce with sadness on this story is that the state of “reporting” has reached such a low that’s it really hard to figure out if facts are left out because it’s a hoax or because of incompetence. Aside from a few magic numbers, my basic knowledge of criminal trials in Canada questions the 14 man jury line. According to wiki, we start off with 12 at the most, and that number can only go down, not up. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury#Can…

Two men have been found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for a killing so brutal, it brought tears to the eyes of veteran police officers testifying at the trial.

Devinder Kumar, 38, of Brampton was viciously stabbed at least 29 times, his neck almost severed in half, on the side of The Gore Rd. in Caledon after he was ambushed and ran for his life on a chilly November day in 2011.

This afternoon, after just six hours of deliberations, a 14-member jury returned a verdict of guilty against both Marlon Nurse, 32, of Caledon and Darryl Plummer, 28, of Brampton.

via Pair found guilty in Brampton realtor’s murder | Toronto Star.

I didn’t see much if any reporting at all on this story in the past. We have no information on a judge (I’ve seen it reported in other small newspapers – but not this most major newspaper), jury, or even court name. No pictures of the accused, their families, their backgrounds. The Crown attorney reveals very little in a google search, making me question his existence at all. If this is a fake story, then the lack of detail makes perfect sense. If it’s real, then it shows why it’s easy to fake stories.

Either way the public’s right to know what’s going on loses.

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ep114-Utoya explored with a gang of Norwegians

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Record time: Sunday, June 29, 2014 6:11am EDT

Guests: Simon Shack, Jan Erik

Subject: OSLO and UTØYA, 7/22 2011

Twist: A first of its kind that I know of, we will do an audio discussing the biggest thread on cluesforum.info, with a simulcast in Norwegian! As I ask questions and get answers, I’ll ask one of our Norwegian fakeologists (among the world’s best) to echo the exchange in their native tongue. This will serve the people of Norway, who of course were the intended targets of this psyOp.



Start reading up (as I will now) on this massive thread and learn.

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Hoaxbusters talks Troutdale

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Chris had a good discussion with a caller from Portland on the Troutdale event.

* Duration 4:50h

* Published 6/23/14 8:04:56 PM

* Episode Download Link (116 MB): recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

* Podcast Feed: Hoax Busters (recordings.talkshoe.com/rss903…)

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Ci Cago

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If we just listen to the words the hoaxsters use to describe their instruments of fear, and read the jokes interlaced in the originating stories, perhaps we can just laugh and not be afraid.

Simon sums up smj’s tip in a post a cluesforum.info

Let us all stop referring to this comical contraption as the “atom bomb” – or the “Fat Man”. It’s “The GIMMICK”!

Of course, the ‘success’ of the Chicago Pile experiment – we are told – led to the making of the terrifying “a-bomb”.
Or, in other words, the FIASCO at the Chicago PILE (of?…) led to the fabrication of the GIMMICK ! 😛
Oh how very witty and humorous on the part of the Nutwork’s jolly terror-clowns… :rolleyes: :angry:

via View topic – THE NUKE HOAX • Cluesforum.info.

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