ep114-Utoya explored with a gang of Norwegians

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Record time: Sunday, June 29, 2014 6:11am EDT

Guests: Simon Shack, Jan Erik

Subject: OSLO and UTØYA, 7/ 2011

Twist: A first of its kind that I know of, we will do an audio discussing the biggest thread on cluesforum.info, with a simulcast in Norwegian! As I ask questions and get answers, I’ll ask one of our Norwegian fakeologists (among the world’s best) to echo the exchange in their native tongue. This will serve the people of Norway, who of course were the intended targets of this psyOp.



Start reading up (as I will now) on this massive thread and learn.

Utøya - Google Maps 2014-06-29 06-34-08

Postby simonshack on July 22nd, 2011, 1:26 pm


Oh no… :angry:

Image Badly injured rescue worker

www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/… … t-building

I’m not going to say much until I hear from MartinL – our man in Oslo.

Martin – you there?


tv.repubblica.it/mondo/oslo-il… … ref=HREA-1


tv.repubblica.it/mondo/oslo-ve… … 3161?video

(Just for the record: went down – just as the news of the Oslo bombing broke. Had to contact our hosting support.

They fixed the problem within an hour. Their support-ticket report was: 0;Fixed”. )

via View topic – OSLO and UTØYA, 7/22 2011 • Cluesforum.info.

Ofrene kan ha krav på 300 mill. www.bt.no/nyheter/okonomi/Ofre…

Building for demolition:



The Foreigner is an online news and feature publication for critically thinking people who wish to know what is current in Norway.…






Rubble from the 1,000 cubic metre slice of rock will form part of a memorial in Oslo where Breivik detonated a bomb.


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9 thoughts on “ep114-Utoya explored with a gang of Norwegians

  1. Henkus

    I discovered cluesforum thanks to Anders Breivik in 2011.
    It took me 2 months to read the whole Utoya topic. Each time i read maybe 10 pages but 15 more appeared.

    Great to see this topic revisited.
    I feel that there is very little discussion about this topic ,especially here in NL.

  2. Banazîr Galbasi

    Noen tall for omtanken:


    Har et bra show gutta. Jeg er redd jeg ikke vil være i stand til å lytte som den trenger inn på mine generelle søvnvaner. Jeg ser frem til å høre dette i både norsk og i morsmålet mitt på engelsk. Jeg wili nyte samtalen, jeg er mest trygg. For nå må jeg løpe, som naturen kaller. Nå som veien til badet?

    Vennligst gi vederlag for Dust Ban programmet (Skam mindre opprykk.)


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