Atom Bomb Hoax revisited

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Interesting thread on the Atomic bomb hoax from a user named Ghostwriter.

It has been nearly 10 years since I first demonstrated the fallacy of the atom bomb and commercially-viable nuclear energy production (so-called nuclear reactors) claims at Liberty Forum.

Since then, apart from the emotional appeals for a return to reason from those believers in anything extraordinary, my work in this field has never found a serious rebuttal.

So, should any readers here believe they possess information to discredit my findings I urge you to come forward and present any reasons that compel you to accept those official stories and official claims.

Rebuttals rife with emotion and devoid of substance will, of course, be ignored. Serious inquiries only.

via Atom Bomb Hoax revisited – Main Forum – Forums of Pravda.Ru.

h/t Farcevalue

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4 thoughts on “Atom Bomb Hoax revisited

  1. CalcifiedLies

    Baffle, bullshit, money….you know the drill – 50 years of nuclear weapons development in one chart and $1 Trillion U.S. Nuclear-Weapons Plan Too Costly To Implement

    The U.S. plan for modernizing the nation’s nuclear arsenal is so expensive that it cannot be implemented, the authors of a new study contend. “It’s just not real,” Jeffrey Lewis, one of the report’s co-authors, said in reference to the current U.S. modernization blueprint. “It’s inconceivable to me that we will execute anything like the plan that they say they’re going to do.”

    “The example I think of is — we’re talking about spending $10-12 billion on the B-61 [bomb] at this moment, at the very time the Air Force is making all kinds of signals that it will not make nuclear-capable the F-35” Joint Strike Fighter or nuclear-certify from the outset the planned new Long-Range Strike bomber, Lewis added. “So, we’ll spend $12 billion on a bomb that won’t have an airplane to drop it.”

    MIC corporate contractors raking in the no-bid deals won’t complain. This nuclear bomb lie is ridiculous and I know I’m not alone in hoping to be around for the day when it collapses under the weight of its own hubris.

  2. khammad

    Concerning Atom Bomb Hoaxes, it seems that most countries are ‘on board’ with the hoax and are more than willing to take advantage of the benefits the hoax brings, such as strategic equality, weapons money, etc.

    A little off topic is the nuclear energy hoax and the benefits it brings to a nation. I have been bothered by what France is doing with regards to its nuclear energy, i.e. phasing it out. This brings up too many questions to the fakeologist.

    1) Is France no longer receiving the benefits of a nuclear energy hoax?
    2) If not, what were those benefits to begin with?

    I have this feeling that France is tired of playing the game and at this point, the nuclear energy hoax is just costing the state money. That is, unless the new players can benefit from it financially.

    I am just guessing, but this might be the scenario in which France has decided to phase out its nuclear energy program:

    In the 1970’s when France started its nuclear energy program, a few powerful men, who knew it was a hoax, where the ones in charge of its set up. These powerful men ran everything and kept the little secret to themselves, as well as the money.

    As these men aged, they had to choose successors. As the successors aged, they had to choose their successors. Eventually, the word got out to those in charge of the real nature of the nuclear energy program.

    I would imagine, the money to be made from the ongoing hoax is siphoned off somehow, never to be retrieved by the people of France, or the current men running France. The only choice the men who run the country had was to stop the program all together.

    It seems plausible, that after the old program is stopped, a new program can begin and thus the new operators of the hoax can now retrieve the money. I don’t want to be a skeptic, but as a fakeologist, and as a person who does not believe any scenario that causes fear, it seems that this is all about money. It’s always about money.

    Prediction: France will close down their nuclear program, then start it up again under ‘new management’.

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