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Update 6/29/14

Apparenty the Joan below is a different Joan. Two Joans – who knew? Thanks OBF for your kind words. I find the best hosts keep quiet as much as possible (I probably still talk too much, but some guests are so inspiring)…

Fakeologist [AbIrato] is a great host, a natural, I’d say, and deserves a far wider audience than he currently receives- it was an honor for me to be asked to be on his show, especially alongside Simon, and especially considering Simon’s awesome, encyclopedic knowledge of nearly ALL of the to-date released imagery- about which [obviously]he could have easily talked about and kept us all educated/entertained without any input whatsoever from myself, if needed.


Update 6/28/14

Thanks again Joan for your kind words over at…

In my boredom here, I have ventured over to the fakeologist site where I have listened to most of the radio archives and must compliment you all on the informative and quality discussions you have. Ab Irato is quite interesting and a talented informal speaker. It’s also fun when you and other SC people join the show.

* * *


Hey thanks so much for writing.

I totally agree with your reaction to his story. Everything seems like it fits my way of looking at things. The special team for the body parts also fits the deception.  There was a physical destruction that could have easily been laced with props. After all, they had up to 30 years to populate the set with anything they wanted found. Who knows what an incinerated or dismembered leg really looks like? How many EMT workers can say? Would they say they all look/smell the same?

If he agrees I can contact your friend. Police officers are all part of a special club so most would not break the code and betray an order, so I’m not sure how much he could say that was true.

Name: Joan

Comment: Dear Ab…I’ve been wanting for some time now to write you and thank you for your contribution in uncovering the with your website and radio shows. I’ve been a big fan of Clues Forum ever since I discovered them in Sept 2011. I’ve been studying since around 2002 when I came across the French guy who did “Hunt the Boeing”. That video showed me clearly that they lied about what happened at the Pentagon and by extension everything else had to be a lie. But, like everyone else I was led down the wrong path until I found Sept Clues and the Hollow Towers piece on Let’s Roll. At that point, everything fell into place and that all vexing question about what happened to the passengers was finally answered.
As much as I enjoy Clues Forum I equally enjoy your site and am so glad that your site came along to bring voices to the written words and of course, much, much more.
Anyway, I never thought I’d have anything of interest to say until last night. To preface…I met a guy that asked me out to lunch…I accepted and we had lunch yesterday. He was very easy to talk to and conversation was non-stop. We had such an enjoyable lunch that I met him again that evening and again, very fluid conversation. At some point he mentioned that he was at ground zero during 9/11. Well, you can imagine, I could hardly contain myself. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Oh, I forgot to mention, he’s a retired New Jersey police officer and he said his team or squad, whatever it’s called, was sent to ground zero on Sept 12, 2001 and they stayed for 3 days. He said he actually participated in the clean up of the debris. He described how high the mounds were (and apparently they were quite high) and how those at the top of it had to be so careful as they removed the tangled steel and concrete.
So far throughout the day I found him to be an easygoing guy and found no reason to suspect him a liar. Then, as he’s telling me about the clean up at ground zero, because at this point I wouldn’t let go of this subject, he says he saw body parts. Well that was a punch in the stomach because I knew he was lying.
But to make a long story shorter, in the end I don’t believe he was lying although I also don’t believe he saw body parts…he just thought he did. I think they might have had mannequins inside the buildings. Possibly for this very reason…so the workers could confirm death. I listened to his whole story and then started to ask more probing questions like did he see phones, or desks or file cabinets and he said no…nothing like that…only big chucks of concrete, steel and pulverized, “baby powder fine”, concrete. I questioned him to the point of telling him I didn’t believe he actually saw body parts and what he said was that although he saw an ankle with a shoe on it, it was at a distance and that no clean up workers were to go to body parts. When they found a body part they were to call in one of the special workers who would recover the body part for DNA processing…yeah right. Anyway, that’s where I think he was misled into thinking he was actually seeing body parts.
When he finished his story I told him all about my point of view on the subject and although he was very surprised he was also very receptive to listening to what I had to say.
I don’t know if you’re interested but I think he would be agreeable to an interview if you wanted to question him further. Maybe with the right questions we can glean some first hand information on what the crime scene looked like right after the crime. I didn’t mention anything to him about a possible interview but he seemed to have no problem talking about it. I believe he is an honest man and I do believe he was there helping clean up on Sept 12…somebody had to do it, the perps don’t do grunt work.
Whatever you decide to do is fine but I’m glad I was able to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate what you’re doing and to let you know that although most Americans are clueless there is one in Jacksonville, Florida that has her eyes wide open and has raised her daughter to see beyond the insanity.
P.S. He even said he had pictures of his time at ground zero and I told him I’d love to see them.

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