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Dustban 18

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With Guests OBF, Aral Sea and Rollo

From Saturday June 28th

Anarchism, Government, 9/11, Controlled Opposition, Life in the Matrix.

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Pranchor of the day

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It’s time to start printing the most-wanted posters of those that bring us our big lies.

I mentioned fanchor to name this leaders of duplicity. Someone else (ref?) morphed that word to pranchor, which I like better.




1 [prangk] Show IPA


a trick of an amusing, playful, or sometimes malicious nature.


Her latest vid looks like a composite. She and the interviewee look like they’re in different studios and merged later.

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Cooking a hot cross child

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Zach over at freetofindtruth.com exposes the 33 gematria of this story. I have little doubt that this story is a hoax, and I doubt the existence of any of the alleged actors. Major corporations don’t seem to mind the publicity, as long as they appear, in the end, to do the right thing. Home Depot is in this story’s spotlight, last week, behemoth Walmart was in the psyOplight.

The father, Justin Ross Harris, 33, has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and second-degree child cruelty in the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper Harris. The boy died after he was left seven hours in a sweltering SUV on June 18.

Another, set up at YouCaring.com, has raised more than $22,000 for the Harris family.

via Warrant: Toddler’s dad researched hot-car deaths online – CNN.com.

This hoax qualifies as a noble lie. I do beLIEve there are many stupid people around this world that could indeed forget a (sleeping) child in their back seat, as they are distracted six ways to Sunday (with stupid psyOp hoax stories). As the temperature heats up and summer starts, it wouldn’t take long for any living creature that couldn’t get out of a vehicle to dehydrate to death.

Each year, dozens of children die from heatstroke in cars, according to KidsandCars.org. More than 40 died last year. The organization says its tally is likely incomplete and much lower than the real toll

There’s always one element of these hoaxes that is beyond the pale ridiculous, to mock those that actually beLIEve them.

The suspect in a Georgia toddler’s death told police he used the Internet to research child deaths inside vehicles, a search warrant said.

What father would intentionally research and plan the murder an innocent child – his own flesh and blood? Only the Satanic elite could even entertain this notion. The second element of this absurd sentence – the internet – once more is demonized for its dangerous information. It’s no coincidence that this scary internet is helping eliminate those old “trusted” media outlets — in favor of the odd “real” site, like this one and Zach’s.

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