Dustban 18

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With Guests OBF, Aral Sea and Rollo

From Saturday June 28th

Anarchism, Government, 9/11, Controlled Opposition, Life in the Matrix.

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6 thoughts on “Dustban 18

  1. Banazîr Galbasi Post author

    Guests: Onebornfree, Aral Sea, Rollo
    ANARCHY IN THE U.K., Apologies, Anarcho Capitalism, Peaceful No-System Movement, Dusty Approves, Avoid Groups, Avoid Awaking the Public, Avoid Fetzer, The Psychology Level, Giving Potential Agents the Benefit of the Doubt, Time Well Spent Analyzing 9/11 vs. Exposing Shills, Fetzer’s Big: Audience, Poke the Bear, Dr. James’ Arrogance, OBF’s Original Article, Killtown’s Article, 9/11 Video & Victim Fakery, Agreeing With Concepts and Disagreeing With Conclusions, Harry Brown, Free Yourself First, Know Your Own Value System and Personal Morality, Taxation is Legal Theft, Living Off the Grid, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, How to Disappear, Family Anarchism, Rose Approves, Pete Shea, Reducing Your Exposure to the Matrix, Stay Off the Air, Ian Greenhalgh, Richard Gage, Protecting the Media, Consider the Information With an Open Mind, Jon Rappoport, Nukes Do Not Exist As We Are Told, Secret Moon Landings, Garage Sale, NASA Post Cards, Cluesforum Nuclear Post, September Clues Mindset, Movie Mistakes, LIVE EVIL, Coming to Grips with the Truth, Really Really Wanting to Know, Three Step Zoom In, Digital Animation is the Giveaway, Stephen Jones ‘Thermite’, Judy Wood’s ‘Research’, 98% Sure, Simon Shack’s Work, Fake Video is All we have to Analyze, Knowing Too Much, JFK Probably Didn’t Die (the way they said he did), The Matrix Analogy, Morpheus’s Words of Wisdom, Disappointing Sequels, The Animatrix, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, MH370: 9/11 Spinoff, Ace Ventura[2]: When Nature Calls, The Pentagon’s Disappearing Boeing, Ace Baker, Morgan Reynolds, Shanksville’s Disintegrating Plane, FBI Report, Building 7, OBF’s Mute Button Malfunction, Don Fox Reads His Script, Nu-Cle-Ar-Fis-On, John Friend, Real News Online, Mike McNeil, Ad Hominem Attacks Ad Nauseam, Mr. Fraud Luigi Broglio, Second Hand Oil Rig Launch Platforms, Floating Bench Seating, Priest in Gumboots Giving Last Rights, Scott Forbes: Genuine Witness, Enter Aral Sea, Holographic Planes, Kevin Costner: Prince of Accents, British Accent Role of Authority, Simon Cowell, Star Wars Baddies, Star Trek Baddies, Ricardo Montalban, The Wrath of Ban, Aral Defends Ace, Somalian Genocide Predictive Programming, Bumblebee Tuna, The Sound is Garbled, The Borg, First Contact, J.J. Abrams, Gene Roddenberry, The Wrath of Kahn, Jeri Ryan: Seven of Nine, Conventions, Brainwashing in Movies, Welcome to the Machine, The Fly, Enter Rollo, Exterminate Banazir, Aral on John, Early Goodbye’s, POLITICAL PRISONERS. Epilogue: Enter OBF, Greenroom Chat.


    Onebornfree’s 9/11 Research Review: onebornfrees911researchreview….

    Harry Brown How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World: eiiiforum.com/picsfromusers/ho…

    Cluesforum Nuclear Post: www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

    Dusty’s Real News Online ‘Dose of Reality’: www.therealnewsonline.com/radi… (Two parts from 11-13-13, Dusty Appears on part two)

    Cluesforum ISA Mr. Fraud: cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…

    Bumblebee Tuna: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZcsAR…


    Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the U.K. 1976
    iNsuRge: Political Prisoners 1995

  2. Dustyash

    I want to take time to say thank you all for listening and on behalf of myself and Banazir we really appreciate your feedback everyone has been so great thanks again! We owe so much to Simon Shack and Ab!! Also all guests that have came on the show… Jan Erik, Videre Licet, Johnny Clues, Zach, OBF, TomD, Rollo,, just to name a few I know I have missed many please forgive me but the show would not be as energized or the same without the guests! Thank You so much again and I want to leave you with a small quote that I have recently came across that my Dad,, god rest his soul learned when he was very young it goes like this…. “LIFE IS A GAMBLE, and each of us are given a hand, it’s not the hand we hold but how we play the hand.” Cheers Enjoy!!

    1. Rollo

      Awww Shucks…..Hold on I’ll just check my hand …it’s pretty crappy but ill let you in on one card in there….”The Joker” 🙂 …… Good on you Dusty …Thanks again for Nebraska…hopefully we talk again (love your Fetzer impression) ….always fun riding on the dustbanwagon…..Cheers (b.t.w. USA Vs Belgium will be on this morning on ESPN…lets go US)


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