Farming out the fakery

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Has anyone ever asked why Canada can’t launch its own ? I know we are farming out just about every non-service job left in the country, so why can’t we bring some of these high-tech science jobs back to Canada? Why can’t we do our own ?

The latest satellites in the Canadian Advanced Nanospace eXperiment program were launched by an Indian rocket on Monday.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, carrying five foreign satellites, blasted off from the Indian Space Research Organization’s launch pad in southern India shortly before 10 a.m. local time.

via Indian rocket successfully launches 2 Canadian satellites | Toronto Star.

Satellites : general discussion and musings

Flip-HD cameras have better resolution. Why such poor quality video in 2014? What detail are they afraid to show us?

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1 thought on “Farming out the fakery

  1. smj

    i think canada is on to something with these nanosatellites.

    the kids at the university might not need those clumsy rockets anymore, maybe they can get mark buehrle to toss a couple in orbit for them?

    and if he can’t, who cares. the damn things are too small to see anyway.

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