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88 watch, 6 million watch, 1.5, 1.8, etc

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What has happened to Toronto’s biggest paper? Has it merged with its Harlequin division?

I only read this story due to the unprecedented number of 88 stories in the past while.

Born in 1925, Mary Millard died last May after 88 years as a woman who did the unexpected.

Her entire estimated $6-million estate was handed to charity: $1.5 million to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association educational trust; $2 million to the Toronto Zoo, the largest single donation in its history. And last week, the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario announced it had become the latest surprised recipient of $1.8 million of Mary Millard’s money.

“These are three charities we heartily endorse,” she said. “People should do what they want with their own money.”

via Mary Millard: The Toronto mystery woman who donated $6 million to charity | Toronto Star.

Thanks for the tip at the end. I’ll hold on to my money.

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Native advertising with a hoax?

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It’s getting harder to find a real story these days. Advertisers must be going nutz trying to get past ad blockers and the lack of people tuning to old-fashioned media. Who can they turn to? Who can get our attention (at least for a few minutes)? How about the psyOp hoax writers?

The hardest part was getting across the border.

The easier part was saving the life of Jon Sacker, 33, who was close to death at The University of Pittsburgh with a rapidly deteriorating lung disease.

via Late night, high-speed drive from the U.S. to get medical device from Toronto saves life of Pittsburgh patient | Toronto Star.

If nothing else, psyOp hoaxers have a business model that can generate income.

In this story, do you think a freshly created blog is all it takes to convince the masses of someone’s identity?

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You need to be mentally ill

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What sick person would willingly strip down and submit to see a museum to a hoax? A culture of fear and death worship to the extreme.

To get into the 9/11 Memorial Museum, you have to pass through a world-class security arrangement—a conveyor belt for shoes, belt buckles, cell phones; a three-second hands-above-your-head body scan—overseen by a notably grim private-security corps. “Stand there!” uniformed guards shout at those in line moseying ahead. “Don’t advance.”

via Adam Gopnik: Visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum : The New Yorker.

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Show me the letter!

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Come on psyOp hoaxsters. The least you could do is make up a juicy, racy loveletter if you’re going to make up a silly template story that you’ve told over and over again. Don’t be so lazy and create the whole fake letter and show us while you’re at it. We wouldn’t have fun picking out the fake historical references, either.

A letter written by a Maine school teacher in 1931 to her mother has finally been delivered — 83 years later.

The letter from 23-year-old Miriam McMichael to her mother, Dollena, was lost and only recently found at the Pittsfield, Maine, post office.

The nine-page letter was mailed to Pittsfield from Houlton, some 240 kilometres away. Both women have since died.

via Letter to mom finally delivered — 83 years later | Toronto Star.

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Finding the AIDS fraud line

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I find it amusing that one scientist is charged with fraud while researching AIDS, in light of a very enlightening interview on AIDS I listened to today.

A former Iowa State University scientist pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges alleging that he falsified research for an AIDS vaccine to secure millions of dollars in federal funding.

via AIDS scientist pleads not guilty to faking study.

The whole AIDS psyOp is quite complex and not for the average shitizen to figure out. Most people will not go beyond the headlines, period. I don’t claim to have this one figured out, but generally it appears that AIDS is fancy name of a long known condition for a phantom virus. This existence of this phantom is itself the fraud, backed up by Big Pharma. Mix that in with a eugenics agenda to demonize sex and to excuse or treat the effects of male homosexuality and you have quite the toxic brew of confusion from which you can reap research and drug profits.


Pharmakos and pharmacology
The term “pharmakos” later became the term “pharmakeus” which refers to “a drug, spell-giving potion, druggist, poisoner, by extension a magician or a sorcerer.”[3] A variation of this term is “pharmakon” (????????) a complex term meaning sacrament, remedy, poison, talisman, cosmetic, perfume or intoxicant.[4] From this, the modern term “pharmacology” emerged.[5]

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ep115-Fakeologist Radio RAW

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Record time: Saturday, July 5, 2014 9:11pm

Guests: Hoi Polloi, Rollo, Banazir, Dusty Ash, Evil Edna, Johnny Clues, Jan Erik, PShea, Markman, Tom Dalpra, Videre Licet, Zach Hubbard, Aral Sea

Topic: Fakeologist Entries and any new voices who want to tell their 9/11 Hoax Recovery Story

It’s summertime, and it’s hot, so the call may be too. Consider this advance warning since most people enjoy their hot summer nights outside and may make other plans.

New sound: the 2 minute bell: if it gets busy, I’ll be using this to allow the call to move to the next on-line guest. That guest can pass, too, if they have nothing to add.


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Nukular twins

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Simon, your humor is most appreciated.


Of course, one of them must be fake. Or perhaps – uh…- could both be? :blink: To those unfamiliar with photo-analyses: Note that the background in the pictures has evidently moved – as if the 2 shots were snapped at different moments in time(as the airplane moved along). Now, look at the mushroom cloud in the foreground: It is identical in shape. Enough said?

via View topic – THE NUKE HOAX • Cluesforum.info.

Bush weighs in, and then a funny video.

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