88 watch, 6 million watch, 1.5, 1.8, etc

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What has happened to Toronto’s biggest paper? Has it merged with its Harlequin division?

I only read this story due to the unprecedented number of 88 stories in the past while.

Born in 1925, Mary Millard died last May after 88 years as a woman who did the unexpected.

Her entire estimated $6-million estate was handed to charity: $1.5 million to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association educational trust; $2 million to the Toronto Zoo, the largest single donation in its history. And last week, the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario announced it had become the latest surprised recipient of $1.8 million of Mary Millard’s money.

“These are three charities we heartily endorse,” she said. “People should do what they want with their own money.”

via Mary Millard: The Toronto mystery woman who donated $6 million to charity | Toronto Star.

Thanks for the tip at the end. I’ll hold on to my money.

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