Finding the AIDS fraud line

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I find it amusing that one scientist is charged with fraud while researching , in light of a very enlightening interview on AIDS I listened to today.

A former Iowa State University scientist pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges alleging that he falsified research for an AIDS vaccine to secure millions of dollars in federal funding.

via AIDS scientist pleads not guilty to faking study.

The whole AIDS is quite complex and not for the average shitizen to figure out. Most people will not go beyond the headlines, period. I don’t claim to have this one figured out, but generally it appears that AIDS is fancy name of a long known condition for a phantom virus. This existence of this phantom is itself the fraud, backed up by Big Pharma. Mix that in with a eugenics agenda to demonize sex and to excuse or treat the effects of male homosexuality and you have quite the toxic brew of confusion from which you can reap research and drug profits.…

Pharmakos and pharmacology
The term 0;pharmakos” later became the term “pharmakeus” which refers to “a drug, spell-giving potion, druggist, poisoner, by extension a magician or a sorcerer.”[3] A variation of this term is “pharmakon” (????????) a complex term meaning sacrament, remedy, poison, talisman, cosmetic, perfume or intoxicant.[4] From this, the modern term “pharmacology” emerged.[5]

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2 thoughts on “Finding the AIDS fraud line

  1. farcevalue

    Googling “Aids Hoax” can keep you busy for days. Like many stories or memes that are entrenched in the psyche through repetition, the AIDS story has always had a host contrarians. One of them (whose name I cannot recall) has been on a years long quest to find a single peer reviewed white paper that links HIV to AIDS. As far as he had been able to determine, such a paper does not exist. No matter, the avalanche of stories that fuel the desired outcome are able to silence all opposition, effectively consigning them to crank/quack status, forever to be ignored as irrelevant. We all know the drill.

    1. Carole Thomas

      Christel. Meyer, an expert on viruses, says you can cure Aids.
      It’s simple.
      Take your HIV- positive diagnosis from Africa, jump on a plane to France, get a new diagnosis and – hey presto – you are HIV- negative.
      How come?
      The test for HIV is not standardized world-wide.
      Why not?
      Because the HIV virus does not exist.
      Another PHARMA-KON brought to you thanks to the NUTWORK.

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