Native advertising with a hoax?

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It’s getting harder to find a real story these days. Advertisers must be going nutz trying to get past ad blockers and the lack of people tuning to old-fashioned media. Who can they turn to? Who can get our attention (at least for a few minutes)? How about the hoax writers?

The hardest part was getting across the border.

The easier part was saving the life of Jon Sacker, 33, who was close to death at The University of Pittsburgh with a rapidly deteriorating lung disease.

via Late night, high-speed drive from the U.S. to get medical device from Toronto saves life of Pittsburgh patient | Toronto Star.

If nothing else, psyOp hoaxers have a business model that can generate income.

In this story, do you think a freshly created blog is all it takes to convince the masses of someone’s identity?

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