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Come on hoaxsters. The least you could do is make up a juicy, racy loveletter if you’re going to make up a silly template story that you’ve told over and over again. Don’t be so lazy and create the whole fake letter and show us while you’re at it. We wouldn’t have fun picking out the fake historical references, either.

A letter written by a Maine school teacher in 1931 to her mother has finally been delivered — 83 years later.

The letter from 23-year-old Miriam McMichael to her mother, Dollena, was lost and only recently found at the Pittsfield, Maine, post office.

The nine-page letter was mailed to Pittsfield from Houlton, some 240 kilometres away. Both women have since died.

via Letter to mom finally delivered — 83 years later | Toronto Star.

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