7 and Christine Lagarde

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If the are a silly side show, then what the hell is one of the most powerful puppets on the plant yapping about here? 7/7, 7/20, 7/, 8/2?

I don’t want to give the numbers too much thought to mess up our research as Hoi says, but those giving us the stories are making it difficult.


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12 thoughts on “7 and Christine Lagarde

  1. Blue Moon

    All I see is a sim with a green screen style backdrop of corporate/sporting event style regalia and a vague mouthful of “progress” masked as occultist numerological conspiracy candy corn numbers backed by a mix of tape canned laughter- In my opinion, this is a rock through the fakeologist window, just to see what chaos (small C) ensues as the perps drive off into the night and we buzzards pick at nothing- Sorry, but IMF et al sock puppets don’t get me sober for justice- Even so, good to have some target practice- Hey, fourth of July! Americans! Bend a knee to the Founding Masons!

  2. Carole Thomas

    Yes, she’s barking mad. She reminds me of a Court Jester – not as colourfully dressed, but a jester nonetheless.
    “A jester unemployed is nobody’s fool.”

  3. freetofindtruth

    My birthday is July 21. When I first started my blog someone posted that I was in for a big surprise on my birthday and I’ve been thinking about that one because the date in numerology is 7/21/7. It has some stuff going on. I’ll be turning 31 this year… assuming we make it. =)


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