7 and Christine Lagarde

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If the are a silly side show, then what the hell is one of the most powerful puppets on the plant yapping about here? 7/7, 7/20, 7/22, 8/2?

I don’t want to give the too much thought to mess up our research as Hoi says, but those giving us the stories are making it difficult.


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12 thoughts on “7 and Christine Lagarde

  1. Blue Moon

    All I see is a sim with a green screen style backdrop of corporate/sporting event style regalia and a vague mouthful of “progress” masked as occultist numerological conspiracy candy corn numbers backed by a mix of tape canned laughter- In my opinion, this is a rock through the fakeologist window, just to see what chaos (small C) ensues as the perps drive off into the night and we buzzards pick at nothing- Sorry, but IMF et al sock puppets don’t get me sober for justice- Even so, good to have some target practice- Hey, fourth of July! Americans! Bend a knee to the Founding Masons!

  2. Carole Thomas

    Yes, she’s barking mad. She reminds me of a Court Jester – not as colourfully dressed, but a jester nonetheless.
    “A jester unemployed is nobody’s fool.”

  3. freetofindtruth

    My birthday is July 21. When I first started my blog someone posted that I was in for a big surprise on my birthday and I’ve been thinking about that one because the date in numerology is 7/21/7. It has some stuff going on. I’ll be turning 31 this year… assuming we make it. =)

  4. Hoi Polloi

    She sounds barking mad, but we all know our so-called leaders are, and they are positively obsessed with numbers. Probably because everyone, on some level, is too. My question is: what is the global currency reset? And hasn’t something like “currency resets” already happened approximately a million times a day, every day? Wouldn’t giving a date just be a kind of way to brag that it has already happened or that loons have control over the banking system — which we already know?

  5. Tom Dalpra

    Interesting. She references magic and numerology. She really spells it out, makes it clear. I’m almost taken aback by how obvious it is. She even talks about compressing numbers.

    Having said it’s obviously a code, it’s certainly not obvious to me what it could be all about. What could happen, perhaps, on 20th of July if at all ? ‘G7 and G20’ ? Well, that would suggest 7/7 and 7/20…

    Perfect spot on the 45 th anniversary of the ‘LUNAR‘ ( she does emphasise it – whether deliberately or not!) landings Simon. Why did she need to mention the’ lunar ‘ and the Chinese New Year?

    Of course we’ve seen these things before. Specific predictions are tricky. What is it? What could she actually be really talking about in code? I wouldn’t have a clue. A date, okay, but what could be such ‘good news’?

    ‘2014 – Drop the zero, can you see it? 2 x 7 =14 .’ UH? Where do you get the seven from, or is it a flippin’ magic one? She’s being a bit weird.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      I agree that it’s definitely an exposure of just how ridiculous their excitement about numbers, numerology and compressing numbers is, but I thought that was stuff we already knew! It has been throughout the 9/11 stuff.

  6. simonshack

    Just saying…

    At 1:04 into the video, Madam Lagarde (“mettre en garde”= to issue a warning) actually seems to put special emphasis on the word ‘lunar’. But hey… this may just be pure happenstance 😉

    Hmm… I wonder what possible relation those banking folks may have with the Apollo moooon hoax? Perhaps we should ask Ban Ki-Moon? Ha!

  7. simonshack

    Ab !

    Perhaps you should set up a countdown counter to July,20 2014 – just in case…

    July 20, 2014 just happens to be the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 “moooon landing” – you know, that small-step-for-a-man that grew into a giant-pest-for-mankind…
    Interestingly perhaps, July 20 also just happens to fall on a Sunday – just like forty-five years ago.

    So make sure to stack plenty of popcorn, soda & beer – it should be a fun Sunday of family entertainment!


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