Dirty dirty bomb

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Someone email Adam and John and tell them that their beLIEf in nukes and dirty bombs is quite simply a wonderful fear product that we’ve never seen and never will.

National Preparedness System | No Agenda 630 – Double Twister – No Agenda Player.

There read from this post at Atomic Rod‘s, which quotes information from this article from one Larry Grimm (reaper?). Scary enough stuff for ya?

Q: What is the biggest concern from a radiological dispersion device?

A: Two things: the irrational fear it can induce and the expense of cleanup. The possibility of the radiation actually hurting anyone is quite small. We fear what we do not understand, sometimes irrationally. The concepts of radiation are poorly taught in high school, and the only other radiation information we get has been sensationalized by Hollywood, politicians, and those looking to make a buck off of our lack of education. You can beat the fear by learning how radiation works and how to manage it safely (protection techniques). Fear and panic kill people, as any good Marine knows.

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