Corvette sales must be down

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Another native advertising piece. I hear GM is tanking again – and even their dealers (in Canada) are suing for some of the tax money that never trickled down to them.

I hope GM filled the tank for him.

A favourite pet returned safely to its master is a story that can easily make you smile. But a car that has been missing for 33 years is an equally compelling storyline and in many ways much more intriguing. How many times have you heard about a stolen car being returned to its rightful owner?

But such is the case for George Talley and his 1979 Chevrolet Corvette. His prized possession was returned to him at General Motors world headquarters, and GM reports indicate the vehicle was found just five km from where it was stolen 33 years ago.

“It was a lucky day to hear that my car had been found,” said Talley. “They told me it was , had 47,000 miles on it and was ready for me to pick up!”

via Stolen Corvette returns home | Toronto Sun.

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