FIFA fakery

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Adam and John go into some pretty good clips on the fixing at FIFA. They even speculate that the clips on fixing could be a cover for an even higher level of and fixing. They even mention a fake soccer team to boot. Start at 1:08:00 or so


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1 thought on “FIFA fakery

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Yep, I make them spot-on, to a point.

    The distractions of Asian and African match-fixing slur campaigns are fairly noted. Yes, it is bigger than that.

    It is a business, as the guy says, controlled from the top, but, for me, it’s not all about money and gambling as he seems to conclude. The fix of major sports has to be about ‘scientific’ control and social engineering ultimately.

    It’s a valuable part of ‘Real Power’s’ control mechanism. It’s much-loved mass entertainment sold as fair competition, when in fact, it’s a BIG LIE.

    Just like everything else!

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