With friends like these…

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Who needs more friends? But seriously, I value your support Hoi and my respect for the depths of your insights into any or all subjects we discuss is apparently limitless. Your cautious cadence and pensive postulations (ah alliteration!) give me pause every time you write. I suspect this topic may come up tomorrow eve.

But, unfortunately, it’s also Goldstein doing the gathering. He is — according to Simon, Ab and a researcher named SimonJCP (not related to Simon) — a plant, stalker, word-mincer and creep. A most recent adventure involved Mr. Goldstein threatening Ab with releasing Ab’s personal information to make Ab stop talking about him. This Markus (‘truthsleuth’, but who might more accurately have the name ‘gangster’) joked about the threat and grimly called it a 0;promise”. If I understand it correctly, this was just data Ab had had publicly available in general like pictures and writings and was nothing really alarming if it were “released”, but it’s never a good thing when someone threatens you or cyber-bullies you, no matter how innocuous the threat. We don’t tolerate that kind of personal info gossip shit on here unless you count when we are relatively sure the gossip in question is displaying flagrant evidence that the subject is a perp, sim or augmented reality actor — in which case we still would not use threats, veiled threats or jokes of threats of blackmail like some kind of playground bully. We’ll just post and examine info and challenge it if it’s claimed to be evidence of anything. Particularly if the sim posts here and thrusts their bizarre simulacrum directly into the stream of public focus and attention on the question of what evidence is, as did ‘ozzybinoswald’, ‘Brian S Staveley’ or countless vicsim-knowers that can’t put up anything convincing even when asked.

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1 thought on “With friends like these…

  1. khammad

    At some point we all will disagree with each other.

    I expressed my opinion to Markus, through chat, that I thought he was being a bully to Simon Shack. It was extremely frustrating to see Markus use the same arguments against Simon that had been proven false numerous times before.

    I also found it reprehensible how Markus called out Hoi Palloi, giving his real name. Markus doesn’t even use his real name.

    We are all just trying to find out the truth here. We are just trying to answer one simple question: what is the true nature of this world we live in? Unfortunately, the answer to this simple question is highly complex because of the amount of fakery going on.

    I find out later that Markus has a habit of signing into chats all over the web, as someone else. In doing this, he must have been taking note of my different chat names, as well as others.

    I think most people have a few handles online, that is not unusual. It took me a while to decide on one online name so I had used a few in different chat pages.

    It is unusual, though, to purposely use online chat names to hide ones identity IN ORDER TO SNOOP. I can tell you exactly where Markus was lurking with different user names when he learned more about me: Fakeology.com, Hoaxbusters, and Dustban. That’s it! Great detective work, Markus, you must be a genius.

    Here is the part where Markus considers telling my real name. On Chris’s Hoaxbusters, Markus was complaining about all the people that don’t like him. Then he mentioned me, khammad, and how I don’t like him, and how I am against him. He also mentioned all the handles I have used on different chat sites, like I am hiding out or trying to trick people. He also said he knows my real name. The veiled threat was that if I kept expressing my opinion about him, he would expose me.

    It may be possible to put information together to figure out peoples identities, by the way, but the fact that he did it, and wanted to do it, is both creepy and scary to me.

    It is through this anonymity that we all feel free to pursue the truth. We understand that our views are very upsetting to others, so we keep to ourselves.

    By Markus’s actions I can only conclude that he does not want me to pursue fakeology. Outing fakeologists means he wants us to stop our activities. Why? Who the hell knows.

    BTW, I found a picture of him on the internet. He is not the only one who can use google.

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