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Why Germany had to be stopped

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This makes so much sense to me about some of the root causes of ww1/2. The chessmasters of geopolitics and world drama really did/do seem to reside in London.

From Bostonterrierowner:

I want to direct your attention to Sir Halford Mackinder, a “father” of geopolitics. It was a British Empire’s nightmare to see Germany forge a lasting alliance with Russia. These 2 countries working together would dominate World Island and who rules World Island rules the world ( Halford’s words). So Eurasian land mass dominated by Germany’s sophistication and superb technology coupled with vastness, resource richness of Russia would render British global dominance redundant. It must have been stopped. This is why Anglo-Americans created Nazis and Bolsheviks to provoke them into a devastating war. Mission was accomplished. Badmouthing of Germans didn’t stop and we keep being reminded about how evil they are. Hollywood makes sure we don’t forget 🙂


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