Why Germany had to be stopped

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This makes so much sense to me about some of the root causes of ww1/2. The chessmasters of geopolitics and world drama really did/do seem to reside in London.

From Bostonterrierowner:

I want to direct your attention to Sir Halford Mackinder, a 0;father” of geopolitics. It was a British Empire’s nightmare to see Germany forge a lasting alliance with Russia. These 2 countries working together would dominate World Island and who rules World Island rules the world ( Halford’s words). So Eurasian land mass dominated by Germany’s sophistication and superb technology coupled with vastness, resource richness of Russia would render British global dominance redundant. It must have been stopped. This is why Anglo-Americans created Nazis and Bolsheviks to provoke them into a devastating war. Mission was accomplished. Badmouthing of Germans didn’t stop and we keep being reminded about how evil they are. Hollywood makes sure we don’t forget 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Why Germany had to be stopped

  1. Blue Moon

    Ever since 9 AD, when Germanic tribes repelled the Romans in the Teutoburg Forest, the German territories have been a political football- Even today, Germany is used as the scapegoat for the swindle known as the European Union- A tense and suspect Germany has always been a prerequisite for western control of Europe-
    Here in the states, the largest immigrant influence has been Germany- More Americans have German blood in their lines than any other race- Iowa was a popular destination for a time and then, oddly enough, those German/Iowans migrated to the Los Angeles area- For many years, the area had local celebrations for Iowans, winter time picnics that were not possible back in Iowa (or Germany)-
    The original heads of the six major Hollywood studios all came from within a 500 mile radius of Warsaw- Those Hollywood studios raided the German film industry in the twenties- A great many of the directors/producers/crew members and many actors were native Germans- German/Jewish influence in movies was quite pronounced prior to WWII- German consumption of Hollywood product was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, revenue sources outside of the US- Today, of course, the major media outlets are owned by multi-national corporations so the old taunt that “joos” exclusively run all media is absurd- I need only remind you that FOX/News Corp/Star is run by Murdoch the Merciless and his biggest underwriter is a Saudi prince- Not a lot of Jewishness there-
    My point, if there is one, is that, as I argued on EP 111, the W.A.R. as we’ve been sold it is a collection of stories (dramas) that work like the smoke screen enveloping the twin towers- As 911 must be maintained with ongoing lies, so too does the official story of WWII- The land grab/liquidation of assets/forced migration/collateral damage that was the war and the perps who staged managed it all have to remain hidden- So, to this day we get the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the Third Reich with a collection of half-wits in sexy black leather boots and their elaborate stage productions, torchlights and banners- And more often than not, movies about Nazis prominently feature British/Commonwealth actors in those boots- Hmmm…The Brits like to play dress-up, they still have their own currency, their queen has an Anglo alias, English is the lingua franca of the EU… Naah! The British are always the good guys, right?

    1. ab Post author

      Your insights into WW2 are the best I’ve read. You should write a book!

      Seriously is this all your own research you do you have a favorite author or analyst who gives you your thesis?

      1. Blue Moon

        All the information I’ve taken in over the years is now being x-rayed for signs of fakery- Within that context, everything changes shape and purpose- Another metaphor would be ‘anamorphosis’-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anamorphosis – For example, Hitler from this special perspective is revealed to be a puppet/actor, nothing more- As there isn’t much out there that supports the Fakeologist perspective, I’m like you and the Clues gang, et al- Pretty much on my own-
        Lately I’ve been studying the peculiar political and cultural circumstances that make it possible for new religions to form- From what I’m seeing, they are ALL quite deliberate and conscious attempts by the local/international elites to misdirect the masses as they please- And this goes all the way back to the swirling mists of the dawnless past, as Darwin would have it- It’s, of course, no surprise that religions are massive psy-ops, but the mechanics of the process reveals quite a bit about how the fakery works, large and small- The battleground is between our ears and specifically, as Jan Erik frequently notes, at the sub-conscious level- That’s where the religious archetypes take root- As we venture into a post-religious world, public spectacles like politics and movies and sports take the place of the religious rituals- WWII was at heart a series of religious processions with Hollywood cameras capturing the action- Then the footage was restaged and cleaned up in Hollywood for the folks back home to gather in their theater/ cathedrals and pray for the boys overseas- Hitler was the devil incarnate- God was surely on our side- And for those who wanted to tithe, there were War Bonds rather than the collection plate- The army nurses were nuns, the soldiers were the priests, the generals played bishops and the president was The Pope-
        That kind of ruse has likely seen it’s day, thank the bloodstained merciful gods, but the conning of the public at large will continue in some form, surely-
        As for specific researchers, lately I like this guy, John Bartram at Google plus- His analysis overturns Joseph Atwill’s thesis that the Flavians concocted the gospels, but he does parallel certain concepts that Atwill has put forward- The most aligned concept being that the Christian texts are in fact parodies and wholesale lifts from non Christian sources- Bartram suggests that the whole concept of Jesus Christ and a formal Catholic church may be an invention as late as the twelfth century AD(!) As always with radical propositions, I recommend tweezers and a steady hand to lift the gold crumbs from the surrounding shit- plus.google.com/+JohnBartram/p…
        BTW- It may have been a post here that originally linked me to John (The Baptist) Bar (“son of” in Hebrew) T (The ubiquitous cross used in almost all religions world wide and over eons of time) Ram ( The shofar, the ram’s horn, the Israelite’s favorite musical instrument and magical beseecher of the Lord’s favor in battle)- Any who, thanks to whomever first posted the link-

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