Real or not?

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Like the website hot or not, we need a real of fake version of figuring things out.

We are told this video went viral. I never heard of it until now — the downside of not being on too social media.

Could this really happen in our computer controlled day and age? Usually only humans make these mistakes, and most big aircraft are run literally by computer now.

There are many cuts in this video, which doesn’t help when making the case for it being real.

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2 thoughts on “Real or not?

  1. JohnnyClues

    IMO,I Agree, Johnny isn’t buying it….I Also Found It A Little Quiet, A Little Too Quiet, Yet You Can Hear The Guy Speak Clearly, And Just Too Many Cuts And Edits For My Liking As Well.

  2. lux

    I don’t buy it as real. It’s WAY too perfect. Obvious tripod mounted camera with super smooth pans and tilts and edits and multiple angles, perfect focus, etc. It’s too good to be surveillance type footage and obviously a live cameraman shot it and followed the action and must have been prepared and set up for such a shot in advance.

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