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The price of a hoax

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If my assertions are correct, than this is the cost of fraud that everyone who lives in my province will be paying – for life (assuming we can believe the numbers).

An old lottery corporation (not a public entity, so not accountable) slogan from Ontario went “imagine the freedom”.  Well imagine the freedom from onerous taxation if we had one less massive energy swindle on our books. I think Ontario may be the most financially burdened victim of the nuclear power hoax on the planet.

Imagine, the assessment of the project is redacted. How is that possible in a publicly funded operation? What’s the secret? Is their excuse that they have imaginary secrets that the imaginary El-Shebab-ISIS-Quaeda bin Boogey Baghdadi will steal and build their own magical power plant?

When you read this endless cost overrun stories with your fakeology filters, the story becomes even more nauseating. Sadly, the public doesn’t understand the nature of fakeology or physics, so most couldn’t even begin to fathom the fraud.

A heavily edited assessment of the project to overhaul the Darlington nuclear station has identified up to $300 million in cost increases, two years before physical work is scheduled to start.

Planners have broken the overhaul into 19 sub-projects, only two of which are behind scheduled and over budget, he said. A third is on schedule, but over budget.

Kelly said the project is expected to cost at most $10 billion, in 2013 dollars. That figure will grow with inflation, since it won’t be finished until 2026

OPG has said in previous filings that the final cost of the project, “translates into a completion cost (of) $12.9 billion, including capitalized interest and contingency, by the end of the project.”

via Darlington nuclear costs rise, according to report | Toronto Star.

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Officer Bilby

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Ah, the stories that are so close to home seem easier to beLIEve. At least they used to. Now I am certain most social change stories are completely fabricated.

So why use the police as a cover? Threefold:

  • accessing police records are difficult for the average nosy Nelly,  and getting information from a military based organization is nearly impossible due to strict command and control
  • put the fear into rank and file police that they can also be targeted for psyops
  • ferment disdain and distrust between the public and police. This is a strategy of tension tactic.

…went searching through bush. They called in the canine unit. But it took the high-beam of a Durham Police helicopter, hovering above a Pickering field, to locate the off-duty Toronto police officer on the run.

On the night of April 25, Const. David Bilby, a 34-year-old officer from Toronto’s 54 division, veered into oncoming traffic, slammed his truck into a vehicle, then fled — leaving the injured other driver and his car in a ditch, according to Durham police.

(Numerology of 7 and 9 doesn’t add up to much, but is interesting)

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Monk-ey business in Powerball?

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This story has signs of hokiness all over it. Of course, it could be true. Zach should enjoy the numerology. While this story doesn’t confirm my theory that the big lottery winners are manufactured, it sure doesn’t hurt it either.

Roy Cockrum had once vowed to lead a life of poverty – but a winning $259million Powerball ticket has changed everything for the former Tennessee monk.

Cockrum, 58, of Knoxville, appeared at the Tennessee Lottery headquarters in Nashville Thursday to claim Tennessee’s largest ever jackpot. He plans to accept a lump sum payment of $115million.

The 58-year-old former member of an Episcopal monastic order bought the ticket at a Kroger store in Knoxville June 11.

Lucky strike: Roy Cockrum, 58, a former monk and actor, appeared at the Tennessee Lottery headquarters in Nashville Thursday to claim Tennessee’s largest ever jackpot

The winning numbers in the June 11 drawing were 14-18-25-33-49 plus a Powerball of 23.

Lottery officials say it’s the largest prize ever won in Tennessee Lottery history

Apparently Roy has won before. This confirms that they re-use actors if they do make up winners.

And it was not the first time that Lady Luck has smiled upon Roy Cockrum.

He revealed that years earlier, Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol came knocking on his door with balloons and an oversize check.

‘I have no doubt that I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I am so grateful. I am so blessed,’ he said.

via Prayer answered! Former monk claims Tennessee’s largest ever Powerball prize of $259M (and most of it is going to charity) | Mail Online.

He even has his own (freshly steaming) imdb page! Nice birthday, Roy, numerologically speaking of course.

June 29, 1956 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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Remembering 7/7

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I remember like it like it was yesterday (ok, I’m a day late, I know, but) I’ll repost this link to the very large thread at cluesforum.info for all you (recent) Brits that may wish to recollect over your greatest event to date.

Well, folks – it’s Occam’s Razor once again.

And once again we can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the “LONDON BOMBINGS” were staged.



via View topic – LONDON 7/7 FAKE TERROR • Cluesforum.info.

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